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Made It

My sister started her first full week of working remotely from the house. When my brother was here some months ago, he started setting up a nice work space in the basement. My sister added some of her components and that’s what she’s been using. My mom and I barely heard her until she would […]

New Vision

My mom received a new prescription for eye glasses the last time she visited her ophthalmologist. She had been using reading glasses, but they just weren’t working well any more. Then we made a trip to get some glasses set up for her. Today we picked them up. When my mom put on the glasses, […]


Tonight I met with my prayer group. We read and contemplated the Gospel reading for this upcoming Sunday. In the second part of the reading, Jesus is basically telling His followers not to expect accolades for doing the work that God has called them to do. We are to act on faith, love, and obedience. […]


I had dinner with friends tonight, which was wonderful. As I thought about our conversations, I realized how many people are struggling in different ways. It is true that we never really know what people are going through unless we take the time to ask and listen. At the same time, I found that people […]

Art Spirituality

My artistic sister signed up for some online art courses. She put one on tonight as she sat down to unwind after a full day of working on the computer. I listened and watched a bit. Before the instructor started teaching how to watercolor the “Butterfly Queen”, she introduced herself. She explained that her hands […]

Sight Without Pupils

I have been listening to the story of Saint Padre Pio over the past couple of days. He was attributed to many miracles and healings. One such healing was Gemma Di Giorgi. She was born blind – she actually had no pupils, which from a medical standpoint made it impossible to see. Through a series […]

Unplanned Enjoyment

The only plan I had for today was to bring some boxes of paperwork to the bank to be shredded. Both my sisters were at the house, so one came with me. We thought maybe we would find something fun to do while we were out and about. I saw a car show advertised that […]

Reminder to Breathe

Today as I was doing all the things that need to be done, I started getting in my head about all the other things that also need to be done. Luckily, I had on my Christian Pandora channel. The song, “Breathe” by Jonny Diaz came on. The lyrics spoke to me, “Breathe, Just breathe. Come […]

Perfect Trifecta

Today I was happy to have a few hours to myself. I scheduled the day so I would be able to spend some time in the church. I arrived just a few minutes early for the time for Confession and was actually the first one there. It was nice to have a different priest from […]

Another New Doc

It is very hard to a good neurologist who has good knowledge of Parkinson’s disease. We were blessed to have one of the best in the city for a few years after changing doctors several times. Unfortunately, he retired. But he recommended one of his colleagues. We saw her for the first time today. She […]