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Unplanned Enjoyment

The only plan I had for today was to bring some boxes of paperwork to the bank to be shredded. Both my sisters were at the house, so one came with me. We thought maybe we would find something fun to do while we were out and about. I saw a car show advertised that was not far from the bank, so after we dropped off the shredding we decided to go check it out. I always like looking at fancy cars and the Lamborghini made it all worthwhile. The car show was in the lot of a big sporting goods store, so we perused the shop for a bit. Then we were hungry and remembered we saw a sign for an Oktoberfest a couple blocks away, so we headed over there. It was being held on the site of the mining museum and we had arrived just as they were opening. We spent some time looking through the museum and were amazed at how different the area was during the big gold rush over 100 years ago. Then we went out to the giant tent. There was a long line for the food. We were thrilled that the music for the chicken dance was playing so we danced in line. Had we known we were going to go there, one of us could have worn my mom’s authentic dirndl and been more festive. Since we were so early, we happily got a front row seat to enjoy our brats and pretzel as we listened to the music. The dancers were entertaining as well. On our way home, we stopped at the hardware store and picked up some flower pots so my sister could re-pot my mom’s orchids. It was a surprisingly full, fun morning.

I Found God today in an unplanned, fun morning.

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