Fantastic Friends

Today some friends from the northeast flew into the big city nearby. They were to meet a group of their friends for a reunion of sorts up in the mountains. Luckily, they had a somewhat early flight and I was able to meet them for lunch before they drove to theirĀ  destination. I picked them […]

Beat Those Stairs

We watched one of our favorite shows tonight – America Ninja Warrior. We love the stories and get excited watching the competitors beat the odds. After the show, my mom walked up the stairs with one foot at a time instead of two feet on each step. When she reached the top, she cheered and […]

Long Lasting Love

Today I was very happy to be able to attend the 50th wedding anniversary party for one of the couples in my prayer group. The event was hosted by one of their daughters’ at her home. I had heard a lot about the family and seen photos, but this is the first time I met […]

Most of the Family

This Father’s Day, we had quite a group of family at the house to celebrate – both my sisters, my brother, my son, and my nephew. My other brother who lives in another state was the only sibling missing, but he sent chocolates and goodies and had a long Facetime with my dad. It was […]

Surprise Wedding Party

I love the water aerobics class that I go to. It is a great workout. But also the people are super nice and thoughtful. One of the young lifeguards got married recently but did not have a big ceremony, or a shower, or a party of any kind. My aerobics instructor suggested having a party […]

Good Friendships

My son was on a trip the past week and was the best man at his friend’s wedding. He and the groom met online as they were choosing roommates for their first year in college. They quickly became good friends and ended up rooming together for the full 5 years of their college career. I […]

Saw the President, Sort of

This morning, my mom and I watched the Air Force Academy graduation on the local news station. I thought President Trump’s speech was inspiring and was impressed at how personal he made it. We planned to make a trip up to the mountains this afternoon and had lunch at the park hoping to catch a […]