Fun Afar

My son came over for a visit today. It is always good to see him, to talk and laugh. He told me about some games that he plays online with his brother and nephews. I thought about the effort it took to stay in touch with my brothers, sisters, and my parents when we all […]

Dinner for Dessert

My brother provides a fruit of the month subscription from Harry&David for my mom’s birthday. The other day, my mom received a beautiful box of large plums. She always made an amazing pflaumenkuchen, so I made my version of the recipe today. It turned out amazing. For dinner, I made a turkey tenderloin and stuffing. […]

Amusing Astronomical Birthday

Today was my brother’s birthday. It’s always hard to celebrate now after the attack on 9-11, but we try to make it cheery. My brother recently bought a telescope and has been tracking and photographing the events in the sky. When we were trying to decide what to get him for his birthday, we came […]

Memories and Laughter

My sister has been trying to clean things out as she gets ready to move. She came over this morning and brought some photos that we may want. It was fun looking at the pictures from years ago and seeing the fun we had with friends and family. Tonight I talked with one of those […]

Playground Joy

As I was out running an errand today, I drove by the elementary school near the house. There were lots of children playing outside in the big playground they use for a ball field. Many of them had the large round playground balls that they were throwing around. It has been months since I have […]

Being Family

The other day, my granddaughter celebrated her 5th birthday. Today she received the package we sent, so we set up a video chat to watch her open it. We sent a sun hat that looked just adorable on her. And we sent a cloth book of prayers. While we were talking with her mom, we […]

Humor Me

My mom’s friend came over today and brought along a couple pages of funny puns. There were several eye-rollers, but all of them made us laugh. Here is one of my favorites, “I changed my iPad’s name to Titanic. It’s syncing now.” Laughter really does feel good. I Found God today in laughter.

Play By Play

Today was my brother’s birthday. He is living in his trailer with his dog and working in a national park for the summer, so we thought we would send him a care package with things that would be used up. I had fun picking out small items and wrapping them in tissue paper to enhance […]

Online Fun

Tomorrow is my grandson’s birthday, so we had to celebrate all together somehow. His dad – my son – connected to the online game jackbox. He shared it on our family Zoom session and we were able to play Quiplash all together. It’s more or less a guessing game. Each player answered questions such as, […]

Fast Track

Today we heard from my brother who was super excited and pretty exhausted as well. He was able to participate in something he has always wanted to do. A couple of days ago, he made a trip to racing track in Nevada and took a course on the vehicle he purchased. He learned more about […]