Much to Celebrate

When my dad had his last PET scan done, they found a small lesion in the back of his head in the fluid between the brain and the skull. His doctor ordered an MRI to take another look which he had done last week. The other day we had an appointment with the doctor to […]

Brotherly Love

When I got home from the chocolate festival on Saturday, my brother from out of state had arrived for a visit. On Mother’s Day, my mom and I were surrounded by men – my dad, both my brothers, and my son. It was a different dynamic from the usual and we had fun as we […]

Chocolate and More

My sister makes an amazing toffee and has attended a couple of chocolate festivals to sell her wares. I have come up with a couple of ways to use the small bits of toffee that are left after breaking it apart for packaging. For the better part of last week, I made truffles and cookies […]

He Made It

Today was my dad’s 89th birthday. When I wished him happy birthday when he got up this morning, his response was, “I made it!” After church we went to the symphony and heard Beethoven. He had been wanting to go and it happened to land on his birthday so that worked well. It was a […]

The Winner

I took my mom to her exercise class today and was reminded of her amazing accomplishment at Monday’s class. For one of the activities, there was a target drawn on the giant mirror and the participants threw the large suction cup darts. My mom threw one with her right hand and it was far off. […]

Wisdom of Rules

Sadly, a friend and neighbor of my parents’ passed away last week. Today we attended his memorial service. Several family members and friends spoke of the man’s character and faith. It was clear how much he loved God, valued his family, and desired to make the world a better place. Several people talked about how […]

Never Such a Party

The people who I exercise with in the morning are just wonderful and very good friends. Today was one of the mens’ 80th birthday, so the instructor arranged a surprise party for him. After our water aerobics class, we all met in one of the community rooms. The birthday boy was overcome with emotion. He […]