It was an exciting day around the city as the Air Force Academy graduation was today. President Biden was in town to address the graduates. And the Air Force Thunderbirds took to the sky. I had errands to run today, but saw them in formation a couple of times. There were a lot of people […]

Mom’s 91st Birthday

It has been a whirlwind of a couple of days here. My brother has been visiting and we have been celebrating my mom’s birthday. We have also been trying to get her Parkinson’s medication better regulated which has been difficult and exhausting. But, today was my mom’s actual 91st birthday. She woke up with energy […]

Big Birthday Bash

Today we were able to get together with most of the family to celebrate my mom’s upcoming 91st birthday. We gathered at the house for a bit for snacks and gifts. My mom received a box of hand dipped and decorated cookies, a puzzle made with family photos, and a tumbler that my daughter-in-law made […]

Normal Day

The family has had a rough couple years since my dad’s illness and death and I feel that we are all in recovery mode. This is particularly true for my sister and her husband. My brother-in-law had 2 surgeries, one right after the other. Then they found a small cancer spot that was left, so […]

Spring Inside, Snow Outside

It was snowing outside today, so mom and I hunkered down in the house. The weather was warm the few days leading up to this storm and greenery was starting to make it’s appearance. A few trees had started to bud and if you looked hard enough, you could see some green grass among the […]

Easter Prep Fun

Palm Sunday weekend means getting ready for Easter. For years at our house that has meant candy making weekend, so today we started the process. This afternoon my son, his wife and kids came over to get in on the fun. And fun it was. My sister was the chocolatier extraordinare and tempered all the […]

Arts and Crafts Day

My grandchildren are on their school break this week, so today they came over for arts and crafts day. I had seen an activity that uses egg cartons to make cute flowers and thought that was a fun, easy idea. We cut apart the egg carton and cut each cup to resemble a flower. Then […]

Finally Shen Yun

Three years ago my sister and I purchased tickets for Shen Yun. It was cancelled due to COVID-19. For the past three years, we have been trying to reschedule the tickets to no avail. There was always something that would deter us from going. Earlier this week, my sister told me the show was coming […]

Dog Fun

Tonight we took care of my son’s dog for the evening while he went out and about. She’s so soft and furry to pet, which of course she loved. We had fun watching her antics as she pulled out the toys she wanted. She found a tennis ball and we tried to play catch. When […]

Everything Celebration

We missed Christmas and all the celebrations because of COVID and have been awaiting the day when we could get together with the family. We left all our decorations up in the house in anticipation of that time. One brother flew in for a visit this weekend, so we took advantage of the opportunity. The […]