Tea and a Game

We wrapped up our month long celebration with a busy day. This afternoon the 4 generations of girls – my mom, me and my 2 sisters, my daughter in law, and my granddaughter – all went to a fancy tea. It was held in a castle that used to belong to the founder of the […]

Mom’s 90th Part 2

This morning at breakfast, my mom thanked God for being on this earth for 90 years. My brother and I thanked Him as well. My mom’s friend came over as usual and they played the piano. We used to go out to lunch every week after the private concert, but COVID changed everything. Instead of […]

Mom’s 90th

Today we started celebrating my mom’s 90th birthday! After we went to church, we met most of the family at Carrabba’s restaurant – my mom’s choice. She always looks forward to being with everyone and loves how the family is growing. We got a bottle of wine to toast her and she probably had a […]

The Baby Shower

A few months ago, a friend announced that her daughter was expecting a baby. This would be her first grandchild. She has been keeping us up to date and we have seen photos of her the happy couple as time goes on as well as some of the 3D images of the growing baby. Those […]

The Ball Game

Yesterday my sister came for the weekend while I had a fun day with my family at a baseball game. In afternoon my son and his girlfriend picked me up and we headed to the big city. There we met my other son and family. We found a place to park not too far away […]

Playing Kickball Together

My two sons are 12 years apart in age. Today, my younger son called and said that he had his first kickball game this evening and that his brother was going to be on the team too. We joked about how they are finally playing kickball together after all these years. I got thinking about […]

Video Fun

My granddaughter came over today after school. Several times when I have seen her, she is holding up her arm as she pretends she is holding a phone and making a video. Today, we actually made a little video together. It was fun to do and fun to watch back. She is so clever and […]

Food with Family and Friends

Things were pretty hectic around here at the time of both my sisters’ birthdays. So we decided that we needed to have a sister outing. Today we met up for lunch at a fancy fondue restaurant. We had fun dipping in the cheese and cooking pieces of meat in the broth. It was nice to […]

Excited to Exhausted

Yesterday evening my son’s and families came over for pizza and games. Some of the guys played chess. Some of us girls played Candy Land because that’s my granddaughter’s favorite. A fun time was had by all. My mom in particular really enjoys being with the kids. She was pretty tired going to bed and […]

Ageless Entertainment

My grandchildren were on school break this week and I wanted to get together with them for some fun. The big question was, where can you bring a 6-year old girl, a 14-year old boy, their mom, me, and an 89-year old woman in a wheelchair? To the sporting goods store – of course! I […]