Funny Baby Photo

My mom is still very committed to attending her online exercise classes twice a week. They are in real time with some of the people she used to exercise with in person before the pandemic. The group is connected to the college and includes interns who are furthering their education in the medical field. After […]

Long Awaited Visit

Today my brother came for a visit. We could not believe that we had not seen him in 2 years. He was due to come for a visit, then he got sick. After that COVID shut everything down. My sisters and son also came over and we celebrated my parents birthdays. My mom is always […]

Free Yummy Food

The other day I received an invitation for a food truck event to be held at a newly opened senior housing center. I talked with my parents and friend about going and they thought it sounded like a fun adventure. So I called in our RSVP. My mom’s friend came to visit today and play […]

All Wound Up

This afternoon on family Zoom, my granddaughter was all wound up. She logged in on her own laptop that she uses for her Kindergarten classes. First she was lying down and said she was dancing. We encouraged her to stand up and dance. She obliged and I danced along as we went through several different […]

The Great State Fair

My parents wanted to watch something entertaining on TV tonight, so we went through some of the newer free movies. None of them sounded good. Most were rated R with violence and objectionable language. My dad asked if there wasn’t a good comedy or musical. That sent me to YouTube where I searched for classic […]

Blessed Easter

It was a beautiful Easter in many ways. The weather was perfect. My sister’s and son came over to celebrate and we all dressed up. We tried to remember how we celebrated last year. Each of us had an idea, but no one could really figure it out. I think we were all pandemic traumatized […]

Wanna Build a Snowman

I was scheduled for my first COVID-19 vaccine this morning, so I was a little concerned when the forecast called for another snowstorm. My sister came over last night before the roads became snow-covered so she could stay with my parents while I would be gone. There was not much snow when we went to […]

Animal Fair

My dad often has a song running through his head first thing in the morning and sings it for us. Today it was the Animal Fair:“I went to the animal fair,The birds and the beasts were there.The big baboon by the light of the moon was combing his auburn hair.The monkey, he got drunk,And sat […]

Playing Wii

Every night after dinner, my parents and I find something to do to stay busy and awake until bedtime. Tonight we got out the Wii. We took it out a couple weeks ago for the first time in almost a year. We chose bowling as that’s a fun game we can all play together. It […]

Water Buffalo Song

We finished another puzzle today. It was a beautiful illustration of wild animals all huddled together with slight expressions of smiles on their faces. One of the animals was a water buffalo. When my son was child, he and my nephew used to love watching VeggieTales. I liked them too because they had a Christian […]