Remembered Tribute

My mom and one her best friends’ used to lead the church choir together for years. My mom played the organ and/or piano and her friend directed. It was a great group of people and they would get together for parties as well. My mom’s friend was going through some old papers and brought some […]

New Year Humor

We had a good – and a little humorous – start to the new year. When my dad got up, he was wearing his fancy socks with the planets on them so he could start the new year “on the right foot”. The morning was sunny and warm. My mom went out to the porch […]


Yesterday I saw a post from a friend who said she was going to get an activity checked off her bucket list today – skydiving. She’s around 75 years old. I was looking forward to hearing how things went today. This afternoon, there were almost 100 photos and videos that captured the occasion. She didn’t […]

Lights Up

It was a pretty mild day today just before more cold weather. So, my dad and I got outside and did some Christmas decorating. We put the lights on the bushes. We put a little Charlie Brown tree on the porch from the cuttings we collected from the cabin. And we got a few other […]

Wreaths With Friends

Last year, my sisters and I got together with some friends and made Christmas wreaths. We had such a good time, we decided to do it again this year. My sisters and some friends came over with cut boughs, decorations, ribbons and lights. We had some snacks, put on Christmas music, and got to work. […]

Children on Break

The schools in my area have Thanksgiving break all week long. So, this morning at my mom’s exercise class, one of the interns who is an older man brought his 3 children with him. Also, a couple brought their granddaughter. During the class, all 4 kids sat on the floor while the other caregiver who […]

High School Photo Again

My sister took a few days off to visit her son and friend of hers. She met her friend in high school – more than 40 years ago – and they became very close. After graduation they stayed in touch on and off during marriages and children. The last time they saw each other was […]