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Perfect Day Arrived

Today was a gorgeous day to head up to the mountains. We had been wanting to get up to the cabin and had been waiting for a day just like today. The sky was the most beautiful blue and clear. The temperature was perfect. The traffic was light. My parents, sister, son, and I all […]

Unique Individuals

Today I stopped by the hearing aid place to get some supplies for my parents. Sitting in front of me was a slim, older white man. He wore a pink baseball cap and socks with his sandals. He had a leather bag slung over one shoulder and was carrying a maroon velvet drawstring bag with […]

91 Year Check Up

My dad turned 91 years old today. It was a joyful morning as he opened lovely greeting cards. Unfortunately, right before lunch he had a weird episode where he was seeing everything double. This combined with the super dizzy episode he had a couple days ago had us very concerned. So I called his PCP. […]

Best You Can Be

Tonight my parents and I watched a little bit of an interview with the astronauts on the space station. Some people here on earth were able to ask them questions. One person asked Victor Glover what he would say to people of color about their abilities to become the next astronauts. He gave a great […]

Free Yummy Food

The other day I received an invitation for a food truck event to be held at a newly opened senior housing center. I talked with my parents and friend about going and they thought it sounded like a fun adventure. So I called in our RSVP. My mom’s friend came to visit today and play […]

Double Hugs

Our neighbors came over tonight to celebrate my parents. When they arrived, we hugged. It was then that we realized it had been over a year since we visited in the house and hugged one another. We hugged again. It was wonderful. I Found God today getting double hugs.

Through Suffering

Ever since I received my COVID-19 vaccine on Monday, I have had a headache. Sometimes it’s there in the background, other times it is throbbing. I was talking to my mom about it today and told her that every night when I go to bed, I think that maybe I’ll feel like myself again tomorrow. […]

Blessed Solanus Casey

Today I read a story about Blessed Solanus Casey who was a priest who served in Detroit, Michigan. He was known for helping to heal the sick and burdened through the intercession of Jesus Christ. People asked him the age old question of why God allows suffering. Fr. Solanus didn’t have an answer, but would […]

Spared in Accident

A friend called me last night all wired. She told me the story of an accident she had been in a couple hours earlier. She was waiting to turn right onto a busy road when she saw the whole thing unfold. A car turned left across the busy road coming her direction. Another car on […]

Mid-night Prayers

Usually we say some prayers after dinner. The prayer to Our Lady of Lourdes is done almost nightly along with a decade of the rosary. There are others we pray depending upon the season and the happenings that day. However, because I wasn’t feeling well yesterday, I laid down immediately after dinner and the prayers […]