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Spared in Accident

A friend called me last night all wired. She told me the story of an accident she had been in a couple hours earlier. She was waiting to turn right onto a busy road when she saw the whole thing unfold. A car turned left across the busy road coming her direction. Another car on the busy road going the opposite direction couldn’t stop and ran almost full force into the left turning car. He tried to veer to miss her and in doing so headed straight towards my friend. My friend said she started praying immediately that he would not hit her in the driver’s side door, which is exactly where he was going. But. he ended up hitting her car in the rear instead and took off the back bumper and a tire. He also grazed the car behind her. Ironically, the woman in the car behind her had waved her to go in front of her before they reached the intersection. When my friend got out of the car, the woman behind her was lying on the ground. She said she was hurting where the seat belt was. She said she was a single mom and just found out she has MS. She was driving an older smaller car, and if she had been the one in front, the damage would have been catastrophic. Out of the 4 people involved in the accident, all went to the hospital except my friend. She took all the photos of the scene and passed them along to her insurance company. When the tow truck came to take her car, he even gave her a ride home. And later she found out that her car was not totaled and would be repaired. I talked to my friend today and she was still doing ok. She said that she knew God heard her prayers. After this bad scare, she was grateful that she wasn’t hurt, that her car will be fixed, and that the single mom behind her didn’t take the brunt of the impact. We are all praying for all the people involved.

I Found God today as He watched over my friend in a scary accident.

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