A Happy V-Day

We have been excitedly waiting for this day for a couple of weeks. This afternoon my parents and I headed over to the local hospital for their coronavirus vaccinations. After check-in, we walked into the conference room converted into a clinic. We were greeted by a friendly nurse who took each parent right over to […]

Broken Garage Door

The garage door has been making too much noise opening and closing, so we called the company. The serviceman came out today. He showed us how the door had actually ripped away from the bracket holding it to the motor. Then, when the serviceman manually unhooked the motor, we discovered that the spring was broken […]

Born in a Blizzard

Today was my sister’s birthday. We called Facetime as we do every year and sang “Happy Birthday” to her. My mom recounted the story of her birth. There was a blizzard when my mom went into labor and the snow was up to her knees. They figured it would be fastest for them to drive […]

Safe Delivery

A young woman I know was super excited to be expecting a baby in February. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Covid earlier this month. She was pretty ill and the baby was experiencing distress. We started praying to Our Lady of Lourdes. The young woman was able to recover enough to deliver the baby. He […]

Grateful for Uncertainty

I read a quote today that struck me as so fitting. It puts a whole new perspective on the faith life. “When the future seems uncertain and all you see is darkness, you have something you don’t have during times of tranquility: the opportunity to trust in Jesus.” Gary Zimac from his book Stop Worrying […]

Another Day

When I opened the blinds this morning, the sun was shining brightly. I thanked God for the morning and the start to another day as I prayed for His grace to live it well. “This is the day the Lord has made. Let us be glad and rejoice in it.” Psalm 118:24. This evening I […]

Unexpected and Encouraging

Today I received an unexpected note from a friend. But, this wasn’t just any note. It was full of joyful memories, faith, and encouragement. I was immediately brought back to happy and spiritual times with them. I was grateful and humbled that they would take the time to reach out in this way. I had […]

Engaging and Productive

My sister came over today and was a huge help in getting some things accomplished. My dad has been working on putting together a scrapbook with photos and information about the cabin. She helped him get tons of pictures sorted out. She helped my mom water her orchids and get some laundry done. I snuck […]

Carpe Solis

One of my mottos is “carpe diem” – seize the moment. When an opportunity presents itself to accomplish something, take care of something, or do something, I try to take advantage of it. Usually we are able to spend at least a few minutes in the morning sunshine. But this morning was cloudy and cold. […]

Vaccine Coming Soon

Today I was sitting near my mom as she was reviewing her emails on her iPad. She started reading slowly out loud, “Urgent message from your healthcare provider to schedule your covid-19 vaccine . . .” I yelled, jumped over to her, and literally yanked the iPad out of her hand. It was true. The […]