Help From Afar

As my brother has been travelling, he has been writing a blog about his experiences from his dog’s point of view. He has actually connected with people in real life through this blog. When he arrived at his first campsite the other day, unfortunately he found a problem with the water system in his trailer. […]

Ode To My Brother

My brother took off yesterday for his next adventure. He called when he got settled into his first camping area. My dad told him how we missed him already. While he was here, my brother helped my dad coordinate and accomplish all the repairs that needed to be done at the cabin in the mountains. […]

New Old Skirt

About 10 years ago, I bought a skirt that I loved. I wore it often and finally the elastic gave out. I have been hanging on to it as I can’t bear to let it go. I even brought it with me when I moved years ago. Not too long ago, my mom got her […]

Getting Good

Things went pretty well for my brother today. He is getting ready to hit the road and head south for the winter. He got all his reservations made for his camp sites through the first of the year. He even got a job that he was hoping for at a national forest during next summer. […]

Project Day

It was a snowy day today, so we stayed inside all day. It was a good day to get some projects done. I had specific cleaning I was able to get done in the kitchen. My dad worked on getting copies of some old photos with my mom’s help. My brother continued cleaning up the […]

No New Spots

The past few months, I have had to make a visit to the dermatologist due to irritating spots on my arm. I ended up having 3 biopsies at 2 different times and having all 3 of those removed as they were basal cell carcinoma. I have not been worried about it, but it is an […]

Family Bond

My mom and dad told me all about how my brother took charge of things while I was away and the things my sisters did when they were here as well. I thought of the words I wrote yesterday. My siblings and I have the unbreakable bond of being family. While that counts for something, […]