After working in the Florida Everglades for the winter, my brother was happy to be finished. While he was there, he pretty much wore out his little camping trailer. Constant heat and humidity left it in pretty poor shape. Before he left Florida, he purchased a new one. After he picked it up and tested […]


Since my son has been away for the funeral, his roommate and girlfriend have been taking turns caring for his dog. Today was our turn. My son’s girlfriend dropped off the dog bright and early this morning. She followed me all over and was clearly confused as to what was happening. Then I had a […]


After my son’s family found out that his wife’s mother died, his wife and oldest son flew back East to be with the rest of her family. The younger two children stayed and finished up their school year this week. This morning I took my son and the two kids to the airport so they […]

Thankful In All Circumstances

I am grateful and humbled as to how God speaks to us, nudges us. Today was a particular rough day for my mom. Later, when she was feeling better, she read the reflection from Jesus Calling. Again, as Jesus was speaking just to us, it said: “Thank me in the midst of the crucible. When […]

The Grand Theater

My mom received a beautiful birthday card from a relative today. Actually, we probably got it several days ago, but haven’t been through the mail in a while. In any case, the card included a note about the Grand Theater in my Mom’s and Dad’s hometown. Our relatives were going to see a concert there. […]

Needed Relief

A couple of months ago I was able to get set up with a caregiving service, figuring I would need the additional help sooner than later. We have a lovely woman coming over once a week for a couple of hours. She and mom have gotten to know and appreciate one another. Last night was […]

Mom’s 91st Birthday

It has been a whirlwind of a couple of days here. My brother has been visiting and we have been celebrating my mom’s birthday. We have also been trying to get her Parkinson’s medication better regulated which has been difficult and exhausting. But, today was my mom’s actual 91st birthday. She woke up with energy […]

Power Lifter

My son competed in a power lifting competition today. We watched his dog for the day and watched him compete via live stream. When it was my son’s turn, the commentator gave a little biography and goals for the meet and such as provided by my son. He even gave us a personal shout-out, which […]

Big Birthday Bash

Today we were able to get together with most of the family to celebrate my mom’s upcoming 91st birthday. We gathered at the house for a bit for snacks and gifts. My mom received a box of hand dipped and decorated cookies, a puzzle made with family photos, and a tumbler that my daughter-in-law made […]

Encouraging Prayers

A couple of months ago, I scheduled to have a Mass celebrated for my dad this morning on his birthday. Unfortunately, I was up with my¬† mom all night last night and didn’t make it to church. This morning, however, I received a text from a friend that she and her husband attended. I so […]