Beautiful Hope

I received some mail today from my thoughtful cousin. The package included an issue of Strength & Grace Devotional by Guideposts and a copy of Matthew Kelly’s book, “Beautiful Hope”. Matthew Kelly has a way of speaking and writing in a way that is meaningful, relevant, understandable, and simple. I opened the book and started […]

Back at the Cabin

We have been closely watching the information about the fire near the cabin. Yesterday it was over 60% contained and it seemed that they were making good progress. Today the fire was over 80% contained and the threat to the cabin was now minimal. The evacuations were lifted and they were allowing people to go […]

Fire Season

It’s fire season here, unfortunately. Last week four fires started on the same day. One of them was near our cabin – close enough that the community was in pre-evacuation. My brother was staying there, but he packed up some important things and came here. I got together with some friends tonight and everyone was […]

Unexpected Support

In my bible class tonight, we broke into small groups as we do each week to discuss the homework questions. One of the questions was, What deeds of yours would you hope to be remembered for? My answer was that as difficult as it is to care for my parents and as much as I […]

Tea and a Game

We wrapped up our month long celebration with a busy day. This afternoon the 4 generations of girls – my mom, me and my 2 sisters, my daughter in law, and my granddaughter – all went to a fancy tea. It was held in a castle that used to belong to the founder of the […]

Day at the DMV

Since my dad passed away, my mom and I have been doing paperwork to get everything in order. It seems that none of it is correct the first time. I send in what I think is required, only to receive something back saying it’s incorrect or incomplete. It is a test of patience and perseverance […]

Sister’s Conversing

My mom called her sister tonight. They both have a very hard time hearing one another, so tonight we decided to use my cell phone. Right from the beginning, they held a good conversation. My mom was talking especially loud and my aunt was also loud and clear. I was so happy it went well. […]

To Be A Mother

As we celebrated Mother’s Day today, I felt very blessed to have my children, 2 of my grandchildren, my sisters and a brother here together. I am particularly grateful to be able to celebrate another Mother’s Day with my mother. I have many friends whose mother’s have passed away and they are missing them particularly […]

Mom’s 90th

Today we started celebrating my mom’s 90th birthday! After we went to church, we met most of the family at Carrabba’s restaurant – my mom’s choice. She always looks forward to being with everyone and loves how the family is growing. We got a bottle of wine to toast her and she probably had a […]

Circuit Boards

My mom has a hard time listening to music. I feel bad that it just doesn’t sound good to her, especially since that has been such an important part of her life. Today my brother took apart the old receiver and cleaned it to help it get a better sound. I looked inside it and […]