Rehab Workers

I think that it takes a special kind of person to be a therapist, nurse, CNA or any other medical worker in a rehabilitation facility. Today and every day, they are right there ready to help my dad with anything he needs or wants. They work with him patiently and lovingly, offering encouragement at every […]

Blessing of Neighbors

The little complex here where my parents live started a prayer group. They have been praying for my dad and family since the stroke. This afternoon we found a card left by a neighbor and brought it to my dad. Tonight we listened to a voice mail left by a neighbor on the phone to […]

Blessing of Sisters

My sisters’ came and stayed for the long weekend. While they were here, they cooked, shopped, did laundry, took care of mom, visited dad, and I’m sure more things that I don’t even realize. They were a huge support and I feel very blessed that they live close and that they were willing to take […]

Encouraging Doc

I was able to have a good conversation with the doctor today about my dad’s stroke. He had a Hemorrhagic stroke – a blood vessel in his brain ruptured. But in the emergency room, they were able to give him a medication that stopped the bleeding. There is still a pool of blood in his […]

Beautiful Mind

Today was my dad’s first full day of therapies. He had physical therapy for an hour in the morning and when my mom and I arrived, he had started his hour of speech therapy which includes cognition. The therapist was giving him a big test to get an idea of what areas needed the most […]

Somewhat Awake

When I got to the hospital this morning, I found my dad sleeping…and sleeping and sleeping. He was having a difficult time waking up and staying awake. The doctors are doing more testing to see if there’s anything else going on. In the afternoon, my mom and I went home to nap. My sister stayed […]

Blessings in a Difficult Day

Thanking God my sister is here! During the night – 1:00 am – she heard a thud and woke me up. We went upstairs and found dad on the bedroom floor. He said he felt weak, his legs gave way, and he collapsed. He couldn’t get back up. We called 911 and got him to […]