Seeing Old Friends

This evening, my mom and I went to the annual picnic for the housing complex. At first, my mom said she didn’t see anyone she knew. As time went on, she found several people she knew and was able to have a conversation with each. On the way home, she said she sometimes misses the […]

The Swimsuit

I have been going to an aqua aerobics class at the YMCA pretty regularly for a while now. I also have been going through swimsuits way too fast. A couple months ago I had to buy another new one and I decided to splurge on a Speedo, hoping it would have a long life. The […]

Who Is Your Neighbor

This morning on my phone, photos popped up from 5 years ago. They were from the last Workcamp I attended before I moved. I remember it well when I told the youth I was leaving and we all cried. Those were the best of times, best of people, best of experiences that forever changed me. […]

Remembering the Newman Center

I remain on the mailing list for my son’s college as an alumni parent. It can be interesting to see the new programs and ideas for the school. Today I received an email from the Newman Center regarding their annual fundraiser. The mail included testimonies from the young people and photos of some of the […]

Back To PT

Yesterday, I shared a blog from a woman I chanced across a while back. We seem to have a couple things in common. I also found a caregiver’s group on social media that she moderates. People share their experiences caring for their loved ones, many of them caring for parents. It is always encouraging to […]

Unhand the Cheerios… — Life on the Road Less Traveled

I Found God today in this post.

Set Your Sights

I woke up this morning feeling somewhat troubled. I had a dream that reminded me of my faults and failings and not so great decisions I made in the past. As I tried to shake the awareness of guilt and regret, I read a meditation that talked about the necessity of leaving the past and […]