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The Big Mailing

One of the ladies in my small church group works for the parish as a ministry leader. Recently I offered to help her with some tasks that I might be able to do at home. So, I have been helping her with some mailings. My mom and dad have been helping to stuff envelopes as […]

Meeting People

It is difficult to meet people and make friends when you move to a new place. Since my son moved here a few months ago, he has gotten to know a couple of people he works with, and met a couple people at the gym. A friend of mine’s granddaughter is part of a young […]

Their New Ramp

When my mom is at her Parkinson’s exercise class, I chat with some caregivers of the other participants. Today, one of the ladies whose husband has Parkinson’s showed us a picture of the new ramp in her garage. Her nephew came to visit for a few days with the purpose of constructing a ramp for […]

More Than You Think

Last week, my dad and brother worked hard at replacing some siding on the cabin. Today, a friend was over and my dad was telling her about the labor intensive task. He said he was pleasantly surprised as to how much physical work he was able to do for several days in a row. The […]

Not Just Lip Service

I met with a group of people from my church tonight. We do a bible study of sorts, reading over scripture for the upcoming week and discussing it. Then when I hear the Gospel at church and listen to the homily, it is more meaningful. Tonight we talked about the Parable of the Two Sons […]

What is Fair

In our society, we seem to have the need to put a value on everything and everyone. At the same time we want to make sure that everyone is treated fair and equal. Those two notions can – and do – clash. I think it depends on your view of what is “fair” and “equal”. […]

Perfect Timing

At the beginning of summer, my dad and brother worked on a plan to replace some of the siding on the cabin. It took a while to decide exactly what to do and get all the needed materials. Since then, it has been a waiting game. They needed a few days of dry weather in […]

Eventful Drive

Our drive home from the cabin today was interestingly eventful. I had only been driving about 5 minutes when a small buck came onto the road and started crossing right in front of me. I had to put the brakes on to avoid hitting him. I guess it scared him too, as he turned around […]


My mom and I made a trip up to the cabin today where my dad and brother were doing some repair work. After lunch I offered my assistance and did some priming. It reminded me of all the “Workcamps” I had been to with teenagers when I was a youth minister. Those experiences were always […]

Grandson Grandma Evening

Tonight was the monthly get together with friends I have known for many years. However, my dad and brother were away, which left my mom and I. I asked my mom if she would like to come to the restaurant with me, but it is difficult for her to hear in such places. So, I […]