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The Big Mailing

One of the ladies in my small church group works for the parish as a ministry leader. Recently I offered to help her with some tasks that I might be able to do at home. So, I have been helping her with some mailings. My mom and dad have been helping to stuff envelopes as well. Today I went to the church and picked up a very large mailing that needed to be put into envelopes with a letter, church bulletin, and a flyer. The woman from the office and I counted out approximately how many bulletins I would need and I headed home where my mom and I got to stuffing. The amount of bulletins I brought home was the exact amount we needed – perfect. But, I did run out of the flyers. I headed back to the church and scoured the places where there were more. I did find just enough to finish putting the mailing together. Maybe this doesn’t sound miraculous, but I have done enough mailings to realize how frustrating it can be to run out of things. It just pushes the project back further. I was happy to get it all done and to have my mom’s help.

I Found God today being able to complete a large task and having my mom’s help.

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