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A Little R&R

My sister came to spend the weekend with my parents, so I made plans to visit a friend and headed to the mountains. On the way, I stopped at an apple orchard that was somewhat disappointing – especially compared to those I explored on the east coast. But I did buy some apples from their store and a small pumpkin. From there, the drive was beautiful, following a river. I wanted to have some alone private time, so my friend made a reservation for me at a hotel that was owned by a friend of his. It was a quaint cross between a bed & breakfast and a large hotel. It was decorated in western style and even had murals painted on the walls in the rooms. The view from my window was just gorgeous. I did some walking around on my own, and my friend and I did some things together too. It was a good mix of solitude, privacy, and visiting. I spied some bighorn sheep, several deer, antelope, and a 3-legged dog. I played and sang to loud music in the car, ate great food, slept late, watched tv, met interesting people, and saw beautiful scenery. I was so grateful for a weekend of rest and relaxation.

I Found God today in a time of rest and relaxation.

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