Brotherly Love

When I got home from the chocolate festival on Saturday, my brother from out of state had arrived for a visit. On Mother’s Day, my mom and I were surrounded by men – my dad, both my brothers, and my son. It was a different dynamic from the usual and we had fun as we […]

Amen to That

This morning in church, a couple sat in front of us with a baby and a little boy about 3 years old. At the beginning of Mass, the woman identified herself as the grandmother. She seemed in charge of the little boy while the man held and rocked the baby. The child was very interested […]

May Day Surprise

The other day, we were talking about May Day with my mom’s friend. When she was young, she used to put together baskets of goodies and flowers and leave them on porches of friends as a surprise. I had never heard of that tradition. This morning I went to my exercise class. One of the […]

Crossing the Bridge

A couple of years ago, my sisters and I went on a hike. A couple of years before that, my sister had broken her leg. This hike was the first one she had done and promised to be a good test. She did pretty good, but was very careful on the more precarious spots of […]

Great Giggles

I was able to see my far away family via computer today. Everyone was doing very silly things and entertained me and my mom. My 3 year old granddaughter was being very mischievous. She was purposefully being disobedient over and over again as my son did his best to keep her from getting into things. […]

Extreme Green Thumb

My sister came over this weekend and re-potted a couple of plants for me. She had re-potted one about a month ago, but it’s leaves were turning brown and curling on the edges. She said she thought it was getting fertilizer burn from the potting soil. The soil she got wasn’t her usual brand, but […]

Surprise Flowers

Today as my mom and I were out for a walk near the house, a flower delivery truck drove by. I wondered if he had delivered flowers to the house. When we got back home, we saw a big bouquet of flowers on the counter. We all thought for a minute, wondering if it was […]