Free Doughnut

I took mom out and about today. That in itself seemed miraculous. As we were leaving a store, I spotted a Krispy Kreme Doughnut Shop directly across the busy intersection. I asked my mom if she had ever tried one and she had not. I asked if she wanted to and she answered with a […]

Back At It

My mom’s friend came over today after weeks of not visiting. My mom wore the fancy music lounge pants that she got for Christmas. After a couple practice rounds, they played the Christmas songs. I loved it. It was so good to have a friend over and to hear them play together again. I Found […]

Outside Benefits

My mom and I were happy to be able to sit outside and soak up some sunshine for a while again today. The other day when we were out, she remembered when she learned about how good it is for you to be outside. She was in 8th grade. She attended a Catholic school, but […]

Checking Mail

Today I decided I had enough energy to start going through the mail. It had been at least 2 weeks since we had been through it and there was quite a pile. We took our time and handled each piece as needed. There were several Christmas cards and it was nice to read notes from […]

Little Decorating

Mom and I got most of her pre-Christmas projects done, so we were able to start a little decorating. I took advantage of a warm day a few weeks ago and got the outside lights up. Yesterday we got out the creche and her collection of locally handmade dolls. They took their place prominently on […]

A Christmas Party

Today I took my mom to the annual Parkinson’s group Christmas party. We had not been to it for 3 years – though that was hard to believe. The group had a gift exchange, but we chose not to participate. However,  shortly after we sat down, a woman came up and just gave my mom […]

Magic Blazer

I made a trip to the cabin today and brought my 19 year old grandson with me. He loves it up there so was happy to go along for the ride. On the way up, we stopped at the most amazing donut shop that has been there for decades. We bought half a dozen and […]

Short And Sweet

I am so grateful my son hosted Thanksgiving dinner this year. They hung the banner that we made the other day over the long tables that stretched out from the dining room into the living room. Everyone pitched in with delicious food and brought home leftovers. I am grateful my mom took a good nap […]

Baby Giraffe

My mom loves the zoo. Actually, we all do. A couple weeks ago, my mom and I watched the video of one of the giraffes giving birth. It was amazing and horrifying at the same time. She gave birth standing up, so the poor little thing dropped about 6 feet to the ground. Evidently, that’s […]


There were a couple things that needed to be done at the cabin, so I went up there by myself. It was therapeutic. I put on my favorite Matt Maher CD for part of the drive and sang along. I was surprised I still knew the words as it had been a long time since […]