Creating Joy

It is difficult to keep up a positive attitude – especially when we are still unable to move about and visit as we want. I read a short reflection this morning, “Surround yourself as often as possible with joyful people. Spend your time in places that encourage your own joyfulness.” by Allen Hunt from the […]

Wind Warrior

It was pretty windy outside today as the weather is changing. My parents and I did make it out for short walk. It was nice to feel the sun and warmish air. I figured it was good to awaken our senses. I don’t particularly like wind and remembered a time when I was a child […]

Run and Hug

When I went for a walk today, I saw a mom, dad, and little boy walking in the complex. An older woman with a little girl came around the bend in front of them. One of the children yelled, “I see you!” and they started running towards one another. When they met, there were hugs […]

Little Less Labor

It snowed today . . . and snowed and snowed. It wasn’t a tremendous amount of snow, but it just kept coming down all day. By this afternoon, I was wondering if I should get outside and shovel, or if I should just wait for the morning. I wasn’t sure if there was enough snow […]

Surprise Treat

I received a call from one of the neighbors today. She makes amazing Irish soda bread that she shares with people, typically those going through a tough time. She brought some over last year when my dad came home after the stroke. When she called, she said she was going out and wanted to stop […]

A Happy V-Day

We have been excitedly waiting for this day for a couple of weeks. This afternoon my parents and I headed over to the local hospital for their coronavirus vaccinations. After check-in, we walked into the conference room converted into a clinic. We were greeted by a friendly nurse who took each parent right over to […]

Friend’s Surprise Vaccine

Like most people, we have been watching for the opportunity to receive the coronavirus vaccine. My parents and I are all connected to the same health care system. They sent us each an email a couple weeks ago stating that they would let us know when it is our turn to get the injection. At […]

Simply Different Christmas

When I came up the stairs this Christmas morning, the sunlight was shining directly on the manger of the nativity set. Both my parents were able to see it before it moved away. We felt like it was God’s gift to us and reminder that He is truly with us. We started the morning like […]

Low Key Christmas Eve

This Christmas Eve was very low-key, which I expect will continue into tomorrow. Our neighbors came by with treats and sang “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” from across the porch. Another friend had her son deliver a gift to the porch. We went for a little walk and enjoyed the sunshine. After dinner we […]

Delivering Goodies

It was a mild day today, so I was able to get my parents out and about. It has been a couple months since we have seen our family friend/respite provider, so we made up a Christmas goodie bag and headed out to deliver. My parents stayed comfortable in the car with the windows rolled […]