Turn in the Nest

We have been entertained by watching the red-tailed hawks that have built a nest in one of the large pine trees in the yard. They get a little louder and more vocal every day. I know the couple takes turns sitting in the nest and flying around. Sometimes they are hunting and bring back tidbits […]

To Be A Mother

As we celebrated Mother’s Day today, I felt very blessed to have my children, 2 of my grandchildren, my sisters and a brother here together. I am particularly grateful to be able to celebrate another Mother’s Day with my mother. I have many friends whose mother’s have passed away and they are missing them particularly […]

The Baby Shower

A few months ago, a friend announced that her daughter was expecting a baby. This would be her first grandchild. She has been keeping us up to date and we have seen photos of her the happy couple as time goes on as well as some of the 3D images of the growing baby. Those […]

Jesus Christ is Risen Today

Easter Sunday brought a lot of joy. My sister was here yesterday, so we spent much of the day cleaning and preparing food. I was glad about that, because it helped reduce the work load for today. This morning, my son and his girlfriend came over for breakfast. It was a wonderful way to start […]

Good Walking Day

It has been super windy the last couple days, and mom and I have missed our walks. Today it finally calmed down and the sun was shining brightly. We walked in the afternoon when it was the warmest temperature. My mom had a spurt of energy and we made it all the way around the […]

Video Fun

My granddaughter came over today after school. Several times when I have seen her, she is holding up her arm as she pretends she is holding a phone and making a video. Today, we actually made a little video together. It was fun to do and fun to watch back. She is so clever and […]

Just a Walk

This afternoon my daughter in law called and said she was going to walk to the school to pick up her daughter at the end of the school day. She asked if we wanted to join her. So after my mom’s nap, we got out in the warm Spring air and walked to the school. […]

Excited to Exhausted

Yesterday evening my son’s and families came over for pizza and games. Some of the guys played chess. Some of us girls played Candy Land because that’s my granddaughter’s favorite. A fun time was had by all. My mom in particular really enjoys being with the kids. She was pretty tired going to bed and […]

World Down Syndrome Day

I’m a day late, but realized that yesterday was World Down Syndrome Day. According to their website, it is celebrated on March 21—a date chosen to represent the chromosomal arrangement found in Down Syndrome the twenty-first day of the third month. I saw many posts in particular from a friend whose daughter has Down Syndrome […]

In Labor

In my bible class tonight, my teacher talked about the awesome experience he had being able to witness the birth of 5 of the 6 of his children. He said there was nothing like seeing his wife in labor and all the suffering that accompanied it. At the final push, he could see the tremendous […]