Loving Marriage

My nephew and his girlfriend announced a while back that they were engaged to be married. They wanted to have the wedding this Spring and had been thinking about what that might look like. Due to the current circumstances, they decided to have the marriage ceremony in a park with only their parents in attendance. […]

New Normal Sunday

My sister and son came over this morning and we all visited on the front porch with coffee and treats while social distancing. The weather was perfect before the rainstorm moved in – not too hot or too cold. It was nice to see them face to face. In the afternoon, we went to Mass […]

Joyful Innocence

I saw the sweetest video today of a friend’s toddler. She was simply singing and playing. That’s all. But I thought it was the most joyful thing I had seen. The little girl didn’t have a care in the world. She was secure and safe and uninhibited. It was a welcome change from the worries […]

For Entertainment Sake

We have been following the shows that Andrew Lloyd Webber has provided every weekend. I found out this morning that “Cats” was to be shown this time. My mom, dad, brother, and I all have seen it before but were in agreement that we wanted to watch it, so we turned it on. At the […]

Uplifting Call

My parents have been talking about calling my aunt and were able to get in touch with her today. Her birthday is close to my dad’s and she also turned 90 years old. They had a nice conversation with her. After they hung up, they talked about how good it was to hear her voice […]

Smiling Friends

I planned on making cookies yesterday, so decided to make a double batch. I made several packages to share with the people in my prayer group. I texted them this morning and told them I would drop them off. When I arrived at each home, I put the package by their door, rang the doorbell […]

Covid-19 Cadet Commencement

My parents and I were intrigued to see what the Air Force Academy graduation would look like today, so I found it online and we watched it live. The commencement was not held in the same location on the grounds, so it looked different immediately. The stage that held the speakers including Vice President Mike […]