Loving Eyes

As part of my morning prayers today, I read Psalm 65. It talks about how God has created such a beautiful world that we live in. I thought about some of the camping trips I have made. Several times, I have been blessed to be on the top of a large mountain and overlooking the […]

Hats For All

My mom’s piano friend came over today and told us a story of a woman that she knew from her church. Every week the woman would wear at hat to church. That reminded me of a woman I used to know who also wore a hat to church every week. We lovingly called her the […]


Unfortunately, it is getting more and more difficult for my mother to attend Mass. This morning I decided to meet my son for the early Mass while my sister stayed with my mom. It had been a long time since I had been out early on a Sunday morning. There was little traffic and I […]

Children’s Affirmations

When I went to check the mail this evening, I decided to take a longer walk and went around the elementary school close by. The front of the school walkway was decorated with pictures and affirmations done by the children. Just looking at them made me smile. They were all different with sayings and pictures. […]

Mom’s Art

Mom had been working on coloring a picture of lovebirds. She thought it was a fitting way to commemorate her and my dad’s wedding anniversary. She finished the picture today and we displayed it with the couple of others she has done. They are color by number and she matches the colors recommended on the […]

Grateful on Easter

As I celebrated Easter, I found myself very grateful. I was grateful to be able to go to Mass with my mom and sister. There were some people there I recognized, but many I did not. I had been waiting to sing, “Jesus Christ is Risen Today”, and it was the entrance hymn. The singing […]

Sweet Girls

I had a chance to go to the mall today. It has been quite a long time since I walked around there, so I meandered to see what had changed – which was a lot. At one end of the mall was a small play place for kids. There were structures to climb on, slide […]

Visiting Hawaii

Virtually. After dinner, mom wanted to watch a little TV. We love beautiful nature shows and when I searched, Aerial America popped up so we gave it a go. The first location in the series was Hawaii. The episode showed each major island from above and highlighted some specific stories. The different terrains and colors […]

Finally Shen Yun

Three years ago my sister and I purchased tickets for Shen Yun. It was cancelled due to COVID-19. For the past three years, we have been trying to reschedule the tickets to no avail. There was always something that would deter us from going. Earlier this week, my sister told me the show was coming […]

Dog Fun

Tonight we took care of my son’s dog for the evening while he went out and about. She’s so soft and furry to pet, which of course she loved. We had fun watching her antics as she pulled out the toys she wanted. She found a tennis ball and we tried to play catch. When […]