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Neighborhood Reunion

A few weeks ago, I went to visit a friend who I used to be neighbors with. At that time, we lived in an amazing neighborhood. There were 2 particular families that we would get together with all the time. The kids would go in and out of the 3 houses as if they lived […]

Enjoying the Mountains

Today my family and I headed to the mountains. We spent some time at the cabin, hiking around, and visiting some of the neighbors. Just up the road, we spotted some tracks so we went to identify them. I came to the conclusion that they were cow tracks as the cows are pasturing in the […]

Fun at the Farm

Today my son, his wife, and their kids flew in for a visit. I was glad there were no major delays or problems with the flights and that everyone seemed to do OK. We stopped at my sister’s farm for dinner before we headed to the house. As soon as we got there, we snuck […]

Singing With the Angels

My mom’s brother was an incredible singer – especially in his youth. When he was about 12 years old, he won multiple competitions leading him to sing a solo at the Chicagoland Music Festival in Soldier’s Field in front of a crowd of about 61,000. He actually won first place that year. Metropolitan Opera singer […]

Morning Walk

It has been months since I have been out for a walk in the early morning air. I was happy to have time and energy this morning to get outside before the heat of the day. It was warm, beautiful, peaceful, and energizing. The bunnies were out, the sprinklers were going, the birds were singing, […]

Bringing Peace

When my mom was in the hospital, a priest from the church offered to come and give her the Anointing of the Sick. It was so hectic there and my mom was so exhausted that she didn’t want him to come. Even when she came home, it has been busy with doctor and home care appointments. […]

New Ears

Both of my parents had an appointment to get new hearing aids a few weeks ago. Then my mom ended up in the hospital. During that time, my dad realized how much he was struggling with his ability to hear and my sister took him to get his new devices. Since then, he has been […]

Where Baby’s Come From

Of course things are much different now from the time my parents were growing up in the 1930’s and 40’s. And they never tire of talking about the comparisons. My mom told me this funny story today. She was remembering when her younger brother was born. She was almost 7 years old. My mom and […]

Old Prayer List

Today I went through a box that had yet to be unpacked. I pulled out some pictures, statues, and other nick-knacks. Then I came across a small tote bag that had some books and prayer cards in it. Included in the bag was a journal. I seem to start journals here and there, so I am never […]

Almost There

For several years, my son and I would spend a few days each summer at a Christian music festival. It was held outdoors on the side of a mountain and was such a gorgeous setting. There were several stages with several bands. We had fun planning our time so we could see our favorite artists. […]