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The Prayer at Valley Forge

Today I took my mom and dad to the ear doctor to order some new hearing aids. On the way out, we went down a long hallway. We always travel slowly, so I enjoy noticing the people and decor around me. About half way down the hall, a large piece of art on the wall struck […]

Prayers Are Working

My mom’s brother and his wife have been having a very tough time of it. For about a year or so, they have been in and out of the hospital. Just when they are starting to recover from one thing, they have another issue. My uncle was diagnosed with COPD recently and the past few […]

A Selfless Friend

My mom has a good friend who comes over every week. They visit, play the piano together, then we go out to lunch. She spent many years caring for husband who died just over a year ago. Now she spends a lot of time visiting people who are sick and/or home bound. She tries to […]

Be Joyful

Today I read an article that described what a difference a smile can make. It brings joy to the one smiling and to those who encounter that person. My mom told me a long time ago, “Smile until 10:00 am and you will smile all day long.” I thought about that and realized how true it […]

What Was Left Behind

The scripture readings at church today were focused on the idea of not looking back once you set your life to following God. In Luke 9:51-62, several people say that they will follow Jesus Christ, but first they have some other business they want to take care of. It may sound harsh, but Jesus tells […]

Another Celebration

Today my sisters and brother-in-law came over to the house to celebrate father’s day since we were all unable to get together last weekend. They got some Asian food and made my mom’s chop suey recipe, which is my dad’s favorite. Some of my sister’s friends stopped by for a little visit. It was her […]


This evening my sister told me that the company she works for sponsors and supports an emergency fund for the employees. It is sustained by contributions from workers to help one another in case of a financial crisis. Today the workplace cooked hot dogs for lunch. Employees could purchase them with all the money going […]

A Bedtime Prayer

As I was getting ready for bed tonight, I remembered I saw a video of Pope Francis talking about his bedtime prayer. He prays, “Lord, if you want, you can make me clean.” Then he prays 5 Our Fathers – 1 for each of the wounds Jesus suffered on the cross because Jesus cleansed us […]

Planning a Family Visit

I have been trying to get a trip planned for weeks now. Today I finally made reservations. My son, his wife, and their 3 kids will be coming for a visit. I am so glad they were able to get it worked out. And I am super excited for my parents to meet their new […]

About Bono

Recently, I have been hearing the name “Bono” all over the place. My mom has been reading a book about President George W. Bush. The book describes how the President and Bono became friends as they were both committed to giving assistance to those suffering with AIDS – particularly those in Africa. In the past […]