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Prayer at Dutch Bros

Today I saw a story about some employees from Dutch Brothers coffee who gave comfort to a grieving woman. When the woman drove up to the drive-thru window, she was in tears. She said that her husband had passed away. The young men at the window immediately took her hand and prayed with her. The […]

Be Merciful to Others

Tonight I met with the group at the church for the final session of the retreat I have been doing. To finish, the speaker talked about making a plan to help live what we learned over the past 10 weeks. One of the biggest points to take away from the retreat was to be merciful […]

A Smokestack

Today my mom had a doctor appointment about 25 minutes away. It seemed like we would never get there. As we headed down our normal route, there was some road construction and the traffic was backed way up. After waiting a while, I made a u-turn and took a different route. That seemed to work […]

Hearing From a Friend

Today I heard from a friend that I haven’t seen in over a year. I was blessed to have him work in youth ministry with me. He was always one that I looked up to and knew that I could count on. I always admired his quiet, yet strong faith and his desire and ability to […]

Easter Weekend

Happy Easter! Yesterday was Holy Saturday. I read a few things and listened to a few things and watched a few things. All of them spoke of how Holy Saturday on a Christian level is a day of silence. We remember that Jesus is in the tomb between death and Resurrection. I thought of this […]

Suffering Stations

Good Friday. My mom and I went to the church today to pray the Stations of the Cross. At each of the 14 stations, there was a meditation about a particular element of suffering that Jesus Christ endured as he carried his cross to the place of his crucifixion and was ultimately put to death. Each […]

Look of Love

I always look forward to Holy Thursday. Maybe that is strange. But to me the day offers so much symbolism and meaning to contemplate. I went to Mass this evening and the scripture readings included the story of Jesus’ last supper with His apostles. At the meal, Jesus washed the feet of his friends. He […]

Safe From Snowstorm

We had quite the snow storm today. The wind was blowing so hard there were white out conditions. On several occasions, I could not see the houses across the street. I watched as one white car carefully made a turn onto a side street and immediately disappeared. I was particularly worried about my sister. She […]


My parents and I spent the day at assorted doctor’s appointments today. My dad had a follow up with his primary care doctor after his hospitalization. Then both my mom and dad went to the cardiologist. My mom then went to pacemaker clinic to get her information from the last 3 months downloaded – which […]

Finally Haircut

I have needed a haircut for a while and have even had a couple of appointments set up. Unfortunately, I had to cancel them due to circumstances beyond my control. It has been quite a hectic week and I was glad to actually be able to go to my appointment today. The best part was the […]