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Miraculous Stroke Improvement

This morning started out like most, my mom and dad got up, took their pills, and we talked about how they were feeling. My mom has felt weak the last couple of days, but that comes and goes. She was hungry, which was a good sign. After breakfast, I was working in the kitchen and […]

Remembering My Leap of Faith

It was one year ago today that I left my home at the time, said goodbye to all I had known for the past 18 years, and started on a new direction in my life. A few of my belongings, a friend of mine and my dog all packed up in the rental car headed […]

Amazingly Answered Prayers

As I said, yesterday was the feast day for St. Jude – the patron saint of difficult situations. Yesterday right after I went to Mass, I got into the car and got a message from my son that he was told he had one week to find a new job. I couldn’t believe it. Here […]

Part of the Structure

My family and I have been saying a novena – 9 days of prayers – to St. Jude. He was one of Jesus’ apostles – but not to be confused with Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus. St. Jude is traditionally known as the patron saint of impossible causes. We all have asked St. Jude to […]

Positive Despite Loss

Today I took my mom to a dentist appointment and got comfortable for the long wait. After a while, an older man came in. I didn’t want to listen to their conversation on purpose, but it was a very small space and it was a beautiful conversation. The receptionist said she was sorry to hear […]

Blessed Day With Friends

I was blessed to spend another day with my good friends. I met them at their bed and breakfast to start our day. Just before I got to the entrance, I spotted a buck grazing right along the road. I took a couple pictures and thought it was a wonderful way to begin. My friends […]

Day With Far Away Friends

Today some very good friends who live far away arrived for a visit. We met when I was working in the church and I haven’t seen them for a year. I was so excited to see them and was teary eyed as we hugged hello. They came early in the morning, so we had breakfast […]

Long Distance Celebration

Today is my younger son’s birthday. My sister and I called him and left him a voicemail singing “Happy Birthday”. Then I sent him a message on social media. As I was about to text him – making sure I covered all bases – he called. He has several friends whose birthdays are around the […]

Many Meals

I have been staying with my sister for a couple of weeks helping her as she continues to get stronger and heal with her broken leg. We have all been very blessed that my brother has been able to stay with my parents during this time. I will be leaving to go back to my […]

Missing Birthdays

Sometimes it feels like time is zipping by so quickly. My children both have birthdays within a couple of days. It can be hard for me to believe that I have a son who has children of his own – but so it is. I miss being able to celebrate their birthdays with them since […]