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Blessed Day With Friends

I was blessed to spend another day with my good friends. I met them at their bed and breakfast to start our day. Just before I got to the entrance, I spotted a buck grazing right along the road. I took a couple pictures and thought it was a wonderful way to begin. My friends had learned a lot about different sites while talking with the other guests over breakfast, so they had a pretty good plan put together. Off we went. We started by driving up a canyon until we reached the bottom of the fall that fed the stream. We found the parking area mostly empty and got out and hiked a beautiful trail up to the top, taking in the scenery along the way. As we made our way down, there were several people making their way up. We were happy that we had a relatively quiet time of it. Back in the car, we went on a dirt road that followed a ridge along the upper part of the canyon leading through a couple of tunnels. On the way, we saw a red-tailed hawk in a tree overlooking his territory. We stopped to take some pictures and saw his – or her – partner soaring high above, then swooping down. After a few minutes, the hawk in the tree joined the flight. We descended back to the city and stopped for lunch. As we ate, clouds covered the area and it rained the whole time. We talked about what our options were for the rest of the afternoon and perhaps an indoor activity, but when we went out to the car we could see the sun trying to peek through. We decided to try to stick with the plan and headed over to the next hiking destination. There were several cars leaving the place when we arrived. It was still raining a bit, but we were hopeful. We waited a few minutes and it seemed to clear, so we packed up our things and headed out. After walking a little,  clouds rolled back in and it was evident that we would be getting wet. It did start raining on us, but only sprinkled and only for a few minutes. Then the sun came out and it was gorgeous for the rest of the hike. At one point, we saw a rainbow. At the end of the afternoon, we headed back to my parents and witnessed first a breath taking sunset, then an amazing full moon. My brother had cooked a delicious dinner that really hit the spot after a busy day. I said a sad good-bye to my friends as they left. They will fly out early in the morning. I was so grateful that they took the time to come visit, that the weather cooperated, that we saw such beautiful sights, and that it worked out at home for me to be able to spend such a wonderful couple of days with good friends.

I Found God today in the close relationship with friends, the beauty of nature, seemingly perfect timing, and everything working out at home.

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