Wrapping Up Celebration Weeks

Today was my mom’s 89th birthday. She donned the tiara as we commented how she used to be a princess and now she is the queen-the matriarch of the family. We started the day with leftovers from yesterday’s party – deviled eggs and pineapple upside down cake along with fresh fruit salad with her favorite […]

Long Awaited Visit

Today my brother came for a visit. We could not believe that we had not seen him in 2 years. He was due to come for a visit, then he got sick. After that COVID shut everything down. My sisters and son also came over and we celebrated my parents birthdays. My mom is always […]

Free Yummy Food

The other day I received an invitation for a food truck event to be held at a newly opened senior housing center. I talked with my parents and friend about going and they thought it sounded like a fun adventure. So I called in our RSVP. My mom’s friend came to visit today and play […]

Peace With Cookies

My mom read an article in a magazine today that asked the question if peace can come from cookies. The response was, might as well try. My mom suggested that the next time there is a protest, we should bake tons of cookies. Then we can bring them to the protest and just start handing […]

Virtual Ice Cream

During our family Zoom time, we usually discuss the weather since everyone is scattered around the country. Today we were experiencing rain/snow here, my travelling brother just left his campsite in Death Valley where the temperatures were in the high 80’s, and my son on the East coast was in the 70’s, which is unusual. […]

New Coffeemaker

My dad had a very nice big coffeemaker that he used to make his drinks just the way he likes. He even made fancy cappuccinos. A few months ago it started making unnecessary loud sounds and parts weren’t moving the way they should. We brought the machine to the repair company that my parents have […]

Surprise Treat

I received a call from one of the neighbors today. She makes amazing Irish soda bread that she shares with people, typically those going through a tough time. She brought some over last year when my dad came home after the stroke. When she called, she said she was going out and wanted to stop […]

Simply Different Christmas

When I came up the stairs this Christmas morning, the sunlight was shining directly on the manger of the nativity set. Both my parents were able to see it before it moved away. We felt like it was God’s gift to us and reminder that He is truly with us. We started the morning like […]

Embrace the Broccoli

I talked with a friend today about how I shop for groceries now using the order ahead and pick up at the store process. I don’t even have to get out of the car – they just put the food right in the trunk. It is not a perfect system, as sometimes I don’t get […]

Our Different Thanksgiving

We had been thinking, praying, talking, and deciding how to spend Thanksgiving safely this year with the desire to see family – just like every other family in the country. Both my sisters and brother-in-law work from home and have very little contact with other people, so we decided that we could get together pretty […]