Dinner for Dessert

My brother provides a fruit of the month subscription from Harry&David for my mom’s birthday. The other day, my mom received a beautiful box of large plums. She always made an amazing pflaumenkuchen, so I made my version of the recipe today. It turned out amazing. For dinner, I made a turkey tenderloin and stuffing. […]

Yummy Delivery

We spent a few days at the cabin. While we were gone, my sister came by and delivered some fresh veggies and eggs. When we got home today, I opened the refrigerator to put away some food and saw the new food. It was a wonderful sight and made me smile. I Found God today […]

Zoom Cupcakes

Today was my nephew’s birthday. My daughter-in-law has a cake and cookie business and her most recent creation is a “decorate your own cupcake” kits. She provides the baked cupcakes, frosting, and sprinkles. She sent kits to everyone in the family. After we sang happy birthday, we decorated the cupcakes all together during our weekly […]

More Meals

My sister came over today with freezer bags of prepared meals. She said she was trying to think of some way she could help out. It was great just to see her and visit for a bit. The fact that she brought food was an added bonus. I was very grateful for her thoughtfulness. I […]

Virtual Memorial Day

As with everything else these days, Memorial Day was different. We heard that bugler’s were encouraged to play Taps at 3:00 in the afternoon. There was also a flyover to honor the fallen heroes and the current heroes such as first responders and medical workers. Of course many people went out and about and had […]

Back to Bartering

The other day I ordered groceries and went to pick them up in lieu of shopping in a crowded store, likely with people not respecting boundaries – particularly in preparation for the long weekend. I had planned on trying a new recipe for a cauliflower salad. However, in my groceries, there were 2 ingredients omitted […]

One Last Item

My brother is preparing to leave in a couple of days for a summer job. So, I decided I better take the opportunity to restock the house with food and necessities before he goes. I went to a couple of stores, but there was just one item that I was unable to find. When I […]

Smiling Friends

I planned on making cookies yesterday, so decided to make a double batch. I made several packages to share with the people in my prayer group. I texted them this morning and told them I would drop them off. When I arrived at each home, I put the package by their door, rang the doorbell […]

Determined Generosity

Today when I returned from my grocery store adventure, my neighbor was outside her garage so I went over for a quick social distanced visit. She and her husband were scheduled to go on a mission trip. However, that got cancelled. So, today they went to Sam’s Club and brought home tons of non-perishables. They […]


As our time staying at home keeps ticking by, we are finding ways to do things as “normal” as possible. This morning after breakfast and everyone was dressed, we made our way downstairs to the big TV and found the website to our parish. We were able to watch and participate in Mass celebrated by […]