Cooking With my Sister

My sister came over this evening. We spent the rest of the night cooking for the celebration we will be having for my other sister and her husband’s 25th wedding anniversary. For some reason, I was keenly aware of how well we work together in the kitchen. We don’t even need to say anything to […]

Making Grandpa Proud

My dad is continuing his project of going through his old cassette tapes and putting them on his computer. Tonight we listened to my grandfather talk about his life. It took a bit of concentration to understand what he was saying through his thick German accent. He recounted his life on the farm as a […]

Making Potato Salad

My water aerobics class has several opportunities to get together during the year. A couple weeks ago, the instructor was planning the upcoming salad party. She was talking about some kind of potato salad that didn’t have mayonnaise in it, but was warm. I asked if she was thinking of hot German potato salad with […]

Wedding Cookie Table Record

A couple weeks ago a friend told me she was making a trip to a small town in PA where some of her family lives. A lot of people in that area are from Italy and carry out the tradition of having a cookie table at their wedding where guests bring plates of cookies to […]

Fruits of My Labor

About 2 weeks ago, I went to the farmer’s market and bought some delicious fresh peaches. A few days after that, my mom received her monthly box of fruit that my brother signed her up for. It was a box of 10 large beautiful organic peaches. The other day, my dad brought home his large […]

A Different 4th

To prepare for this year’s 4th of July and knowing that my mom, dad, and I would be at home, I wanted to find ways to make it a little festive. I looked up celebratory red, white, and blue recipes. Most of them used strawberries, which my mom cannot have. There were also the basic […]

Food Experiment Day

Every week we go to lunch with my mom’s friend. Today we went to one of our favorite spots. My brother got a new salad that he had been meaning to try and loved it. My mom got a sandwich on a different kind of bread than usual and she was very happy with it. […]