Since it was St Patrick’s Day today, after my mom got dressed in her green attire, she went through her song books and played Irish songs on the piano. I loved listening to her play. For my part, I spent the majority of the day in the kitchen. I made Guinness beef stew and two […]

Buying Groceries

Since I got sick with COVID before Christmas, I have been ordering groceries as I didn’t have the energy to do the shopping in the store. Today I decided to give it a try. I went with a short list which was mostly produce. I actually enjoyed looking over the fresh fruits and veggies and […]

Sourdough Starter

I have been wanting to try to make sourdough bread since I saw a video of a friend making it. I don’t eat much gluten because it upsets my stomach. But i understand that the sourdough is good for digestion because it is fermented. When my sister was taking care of a friend’s house, one […]


The ladies in our community go to lunch once a month. My mom has thought about going, but not committed. Today seemed like the perfect opportunity. We met about 14 others in the restaurant. My mom knew a couple, as did I. They were all very warm and friendly and invited my mom into their […]

Sweet Surprise

When the doorbell rang this afternoon, I figured it was a delivery of some kind. But, as I walked to the door, I didn’t see a delivery person running away. I opened the door and there was, in fact, a real person there. It was one of our neighbors. She had in her hands a […]

Free Doughnut

I took mom out and about today. That in itself seemed miraculous. As we were leaving a store, I spotted a Krispy Kreme Doughnut Shop directly across the busy intersection. I asked my mom if she had ever tried one and she had not. I asked if she wanted to and she answered with a […]

Blessed Meal Time

Many times, I feel like I lose my concentration when I pray. My mind easily wanders – especially when I say the “usual” prayers during the day. Today at lunch we prayed our normal meal time prayer that we have done for my entire life, probably mom’s too. I started drifting almost immediately, but this […]

COVID Christmas

Mom and I were blessed today despite it being a COVID Christmas. We are incredibly grateful that Mom still has pretty mild symptoms. This morning I got out the Christmas tablecloth and put away the Advent wreath to mark the change of atmosphere. We Zoomed with family and opened a couple of presents that made […]

Short And Sweet

I am so grateful my son hosted Thanksgiving dinner this year. They hung the banner that we made the other day over the long tables that stretched out from the dining room into the living room. Everyone pitched in with delicious food and brought home leftovers. I am grateful my mom took a good nap […]

Fruitful Day

It was a busy day as usual. But as I sat down tonight to write and went back over my day, I realized I accomplished an awful lot. Mom and I did our “normal” Wednesday tasks. And I even made a pumpkin cheesecake and apple pie for tomorrow. The house smells amazing. I’m looking forward […]