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I stopped by a neighbors’ tonight for a “quick visit”. We ended up talking about difficulties and before I left, they offered to pray with me. It was a moment of peace and beauty. Sometimes I wonder where God is, then He’s right there. I Found God today praying with neighbors.

Mani Pedi

Today I realized my dad’s fingernails were getting a little long. So I gave him a nice manicure. A little later I wore my sandals as we sat outside enjoying the warm day. I noticed my toenails were looking pretty bad and told my dad I was in need of a pedicure. He offered to […]

Mr. Fix-it

My brother in law has numerous amazing talents and skills. I am always in awe of what he does around his farm – everything from building the taj-ma-coop for the chickens to maintaining the dirt road for him and the other 9 property owners. In the past couple of weeks he has done some things […]

Strong Friendship

After having attended a couple caregiver classes, I was reminded of the importance of having and being with friends. So, I visited with another friend today. We also had not talked in months and had much to catch up on. Her husband has Parkinson’s and we compared caregiving notes. She’s also a faithful Christian and […]

Turning the Pages

My mom had a very good day practicing her piano today. I feel very blessed to be able to listen to her every day. After a while, my dad went and sat with her on the piano bench. They both remembered when my mom would go to my dad’s house to visit his sister who […]

Same Theme

Sometimes I can feel like I am very alone and that perhaps God has forgotten about me and my troubles. Then, if I am listening and paying attention, I hear the same themes over and over again. I take them as messages from God. The reflection I heard on today’s Gospel reminded of that same […]

Today’s Field Trip

Today we had no one coming over, no appointments, and no plans. At breakfast we talked about what we should do since it was going to be a lovely day. My mom said she wanted to go for a drive and a little walk. I thought it would be nice to travel in a different […]

Call To Connect

I awoke this morning with a text from a far away friend. She shared a blog post with me that she had read. The words that popped up were, “God’s beloved daughters are exactly what the world needs right now.” Just looking at those words first thing in the morning brought tears to my eyes […]

Hearing God

A friend of mine shared a quote by Toby Mac that my parents and I found meaningful. “It’s hard to hear God’s voice when you’ve already decided what you want Him to say.” I Found God today in a meaning quote.

BBQ Now and Then

Today for 4th of July, we had a faux BBQ complete with beer bratwurst on toasted buns, corn on the cob, and all the sides. My dad was beyond thrilled that we were able to recreate the meal he would have when he celebrated the 4th of July as a child. That made it all […]