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Call To Connect

I awoke this morning with a text from a far away friend. She shared a blog post with me that she had read. The words that popped up were, “God’s beloved daughters are exactly what the world needs right now.” Just looking at those words first thing in the morning brought tears to my eyes as it reminded me that I am God’s beloved daughter. It certainly started my day off right. Later I was able to read the post. It described how difficult the past year has been and how we are all starving for connections and community. It went on to encourage women to be builders of those connections and communities – because truth be told, we know how to do it. The words penetrated my heart as I thought about the people who are coming and going from our house. It may not be exactly what the article was referring to, but it made me ponder how I may be better at nurturing the connections that are being made. I was glad my friend did her part to connect with me.

I Found God today taking to heart the call to build connections and community.

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