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Today’s Field Trip

Today we had no one coming over, no appointments, and no plans. At breakfast we talked about what we should do since it was going to be a lovely day. My mom said she wanted to go for a drive and a little walk. I thought it would be nice to travel in a different direction from the usual and remembered a place we all wanted to visit. It was a state park with an interesting valley of rock formations and it wasn’t too far away. I looked up the information and warned my parents that it did not look handicapped accessible as I saw only dirt trails. But, everyone was up for an adventure so we headed out after lunch. We parked in the lot that had the shortest trail to the overlook. It was in fact a dirt trail, but we could see the overlook wasn’t that far away. My mom was hesitant, but my dad was ready to go. I unloaded the walkers and off we went. It was somewhat of a challenge, but not really too bad. Once we reached the fence, the view below really opened up. The old creek bed was lined with rocks that had been worn and weathered, revealing the layers of yellows, oranges, pinks, and white. There were also formations of spires throughout the shallow canyon. We found a picnic table not too far away and sat for a while just taking in the view. The walk back to the car went easier as it was mostly down hill and we knew what to expect. When we got back home, I had to clean the wheels of the walkers as they were covered in white and tan dust from the trail. I figured it was simply evidence of our most recent adventure.

I Found God today enjoying a beautiful place with my parents.

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