Change of Scenery

It was a very warm day today and we have been going a little stir crazy, so I suggested a drive. We ended up in our favorite park. The last time we went there, we found a small handicapped parking lot off the beaten path and decided to go there. When we arrived, there was […]

NASA Overload

In 1989, my dad published the first edition of his text book, “Introduction to Space: The Science of Space Flight”. At that time he was teaching at the local college and was unable to find an adequate text book on the topic. So he wrote his own and taught the course. He updated the book […]

Final Send Off

My amazing friend who makes wonderful face masks got some new material with wolves on it. She figured that my brother really should have a wolf face mask for Yellowstone, so she whipped one up for him. My brother went up to the cabin a couple days ago to finish his preparations and is leaving […]

More Beautiful Bouquets

This morning, my mom and I combined 2 of the bouquets she has received into 1 as we removed flowers that were past their peak. Once we finished, we placed the vase on the dining room table and admired it. Then the doorbell rang. It was a delivery of another beautiful bouquet for my mom […]

Virtual Tiger Visit

We love going to the local zoo. Usually we will try to go for my mom’s birthday or Mother’s Day. But, like most businesses that gather lots of people, the zoo is closed right now. Last week while we were chatting with my mom’s Parkinson’s exercise class, someone said they had been watching videos that […]

Blossoming Birthday

Today was my mom’s birthday. We decided to get her the geranium she always loves to put on the front porch. While I was at our favorite greenhouse, I purchased some annuals to plant in the two large pots by the outside steps. So, we got the front entrance all fixed up and looking ready […]

Fresh Air

It was just a gorgeous day today. I took advantage of the weather and sat outside for quite a while to read the book of Ephesians for my Bible class. I enjoyed the time, the words of comfort and wisdom, and the fresh air. I Found God today enjoying the fresh air.