Outside News

This morning my mom and I got outside while the sun was warm and the air was cool. I got her all set up on the porch with a book and her water bottle while I worked in the garden area. The HOA has been working on fire mitigation and removed our 3 bushes that […]

The Gift

I was so happy that my mom was feeling better today and wanted to go the Fine Arts Center free day. We looked up the current exhibitions and found one that sounded interested called, “The Gift”. This is the description: “As scientists and artists, we are all observers of the world. We are all interpreters […]

Loving Eyes

As part of my morning prayers today, I read Psalm 65. It talks about how God has created such a beautiful world that we live in. I thought about some of the camping trips I have made. Several times, I have been blessed to be on the top of a large mountain and overlooking the […]

Blessed Mother’s Day

The flowers started arriving yesterday. This morning, my sister came and brought more flowers. They were and will be such a joy especially for my mom. My sister also brought food and we had a lovely girls brunch. After that I went to Mass. The deacon gave a great homily. He told a story of […]

Cody’s Wish

Today my mom and I watched one of her favorite annual events – the Kentucky Derby. There were stories and other races leading up to the main event as usual. One of them was a story about Cody Dorman and the horse Cody’s Wish named in honor of the boy. Cody had a rare medical […]

People Watching

This morning, I listened to the Gospel of the day. In this scripture, Jesus repeats to His apostles that if they see him, they see the Father – God, saying, “Believe me that I am in the Father and the Father is in me.” The reflection on this passage from Jeff Cavins included a reminder […]

Mom’s 91st Birthday

It has been a whirlwind of a couple of days here. My brother has been visiting and we have been celebrating my mom’s birthday. We have also been trying to get her Parkinson’s medication better regulated which has been difficult and exhausting. But, today was my mom’s actual 91st birthday. She woke up with energy […]

Normal Day

The family has had a rough couple years since my dad’s illness and death and I feel that we are all in recovery mode. This is particularly true for my sister and her husband. My brother-in-law had 2 surgeries, one right after the other. Then they found a small cancer spot that was left, so […]

Spring Inside, Snow Outside

It was snowing outside today, so mom and I hunkered down in the house. The weather was warm the few days leading up to this storm and greenery was starting to make it’s appearance. A few trees had started to bud and if you looked hard enough, you could see some green grass among the […]

Cabin Cuteness

My mom and I made an impromptu trip to the cabin today to check on a couple of things. The air was crisp and the sky was blue – perfect for a drive. The new car was amazing. It was comfortable for my mom, able to hold everything we needed, and handled beautifully on the […]