Adventure Among Flowers

Usually on Mother’s Day weekend, my mom and I go to our favorite local garden shop to buy our summer flowers. Today my dad thought he would like to go as well. Luckily my sister was here, so we loaded up 2 parents and 2 walkers and headed out for another adventure. It was a […]

Perfect Day Arrived

Today was a gorgeous day to head up to the mountains. We had been wanting to get up to the cabin and had been waiting for a day just like today. The sky was the most beautiful blue and clear. The temperature was perfect. The traffic was light. My parents, sister, son, and I all […]

Unique Individuals

Today I stopped by the hearing aid place to get some supplies for my parents. Sitting in front of me was a slim, older white man. He wore a pink baseball cap and socks with his sandals. He had a leather bag slung over one shoulder and was carrying a maroon velvet drawstring bag with […]

Best You Can Be

Tonight my parents and I watched a little bit of an interview with the astronauts on the space station. Some people here on earth were able to ask them questions. One person asked Victor Glover what he would say to people of color about their abilities to become the next astronauts. He gave a great […]

Flower Season Begins

Today my parent’s celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary. And flower season at the house has begun. The other day they received a bouquet from my mom’s sister. The next day my sister came and brought a bouquet that ironically matched the first one. Today my parent’s received a large bouquet of red roses and irises […]

Amazing Astronomy

We talked to my brother on Facetime tonight. He showed us a recent photo of the M95 galaxy that he took with his fancy new equipment. Unexpectedly, he also caught a moving object. Through the incredible technology that we have and much research, he discovered that it was an asteroid located in the asteroid belt […]

Spa Day Two

The past 2 days have been full of relaxation and conversation. It felt amazing to be pampered. And I enjoyed chatting with many different people. Yesterday, the young woman who did my nails and I found quite a lot of interesting things to talk about. She told me that she had recently become certified to […]

Spa Day

I had almost forgotten that there is a world outside our 4 walls. Last November, my family generously pitched in and got me a spa day and overnight stay at a local resort. Covid-19 was running so high at that time, I didn’t feel comfortable going, so I postponed it until February. When February came […]

Loving Body Parts

I have been taking an online caregivers class that teaches relaxation techniques. Today we did a type of body scan. When the exercise was done, the leader asked how we felt as we were led to scan each part of our body. One participant said they just felt grateful for each part. I thought that […]

Breath of Fresh Air

It was an absolutely gorgeous day today and my sister was here, so I connected with a friend and went for a hike. We hadn’t seen each other in months and were teary eyed when we met up. We held our breath, faced opposite directions, and gave each other a big hug. Luckily we had […]