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Attributed to Prayer

A woman who I’ve been praying for had surgery about two weeks ago due to a large mass in her abdomen. I received word that she was doing well and the doctor felt he had removed all of the cancerous tumor. She has been home now for about a week. Today I learned that she […]

Left Eyes Have It

My brother recently had his truck into the shop for some repairs. He was very happy with the place, but after a couple of days, the service man who was right on top of things failed to call when he said he would. My brother followed up and one of the employees said that the […]

Considerate Friend

My dad and brother have been doing some work on the mountain cabin, however, it has come to a standstill due to the unusually wet weather. They were going to head up there today, but it was another rainy day. My dad called a friend who is currently at his cabin just up the road […]

Reassuring Doctor

My mom still wasn’t feeling too great today, so we called her regular doctor. He typically only works on Friday mornings. After explaining her circumstances to the nurses, they were able to squeeze her in for an appointment. Her doctor knows her well and how best to detect certain ailments, such as the dreaded diverticulitis. […]

Quick Trip to the ER

My mom was having stomach troubles last night and during the day today, but as usual, she kept on going and doing what she could. Finally this evening, she started getting very dizzy and feeling really bad. We called her doctor’s office and spoke to the nurse on call who recommended we go to the […]

A Small Sound

Tonight I was sitting quietly praying about what to include in this blog. As I was still, I heard the soft, soothing sound of raindrops outside and on the window. I exhaled and realized this is the most peaceful I had felt all day. It reminded me of how Elijah went to meet God and […]

Private Concert

A little while ago, one of my mom’s friends’ mentioned that she wanted to listen to my mom play the piano. My mom talked to her piano partner and they invited her over this morning. We all visited a while before the concert. Then my mom and her partner played several beautiful pieces. After each […]

Similar Struggles

Today I took my mom to her Parkinson’s exercise class. For about half the time they did some exercising, then the other half they went into another room and had a discussion about how the class has been helping them. During that time, I talked with the other 3 caregivers who were there. We talked […]

Prayers for a New Marine

This morning at church, there was a young man about to enter boot camp for the Marines. At the end of Mass, he went up to the front and everyone prayed for him as the priest put his hands on his head and said a blessing. He prayed for safety as he served our country […]

Enjoyable Walk

I was up early enough to take a nice walk this morning. The sky was cloud covered, so I didn’t have to worry about the hot sun, and it wasn’t too cool to need a jacket. I stretched outside and could here the birds chirping and flapping their wings. A finch landed next to me […]