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Step Closer or Further

My mom and I started praying a Novena today in preparation for the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is on September 8. Today’s intentions were for marriages and families. I thought specifically about the recent blessings, struggles, illnesses, and causes for celebration. I remembered that God is in them all. […]


Tonight my mom read from her “the WORD among us” magazine. Part of it followed nicely with what I meditated upon last night. That’s when I know God is speaking to me. It said in part, “Even without persecution or martyrdom, every disciple of Jesus will go through some type of suffering as we follow […]

Dying To Self

Today I listened to a meditation that focused on dying to self. The message was about our need to allow parts of ourselves to “die”. Perhaps bad habits, thoughts, ways we treat others, burdens we carry,..etc. We need to let go of the things that are not of God – not blessing us or others. […]

Shia LaBeouf and Padre Pio

This evening I watched an amazing discussion with Shia LaBeouf and Bishop Robert Barron. Shia had admittedly hit rock bottom and experienced an incredible conversion when he was offered an acting roll to play St. Padre Pio. It was a very powerful video and I highly recommend it. I Found God today in an […]

Making an Entrance

When my sister arrived this morning, we all said hello and how are you and such. However, my brother’s dog was super excited and ran to her and wagged her tail and tried her best not to jump up. My sister petted her and told her what a good girl she was. It reminded me […]

Doing Well

I took my mom for her haircut today and got talking with one of the ladies there. She asked about my mom and when I told her she was 90 and had Parkinson’s disease, she was surprised. She said what a blessing it is that mom is still mobile and functioning. I agreed and told […]

Teenage King

Today is the feast of St. Louis. My mom remembered that at dinner time, perhaps because we used to live in the city of the same name. So we learned more about him. St. Louis IX was King of France in the 13th century, having become king at age 13. Throughout his reign, St. Louis […]

Public Apology

Today I brought my mom to have her hearing aids cleaned and checked. As we were waiting, other people were checking in for their appointments. One person was getting rather frustrated, though I didn’t hear exactly what was being said. A few minutes later, I heard the person say to the worker, “I’m sorry I […]

Melted My Heart

I had a dinner date with friends tonight, so my grandson graciously came over to spend time with my mom. When I got back home, I found them sitting on the sofa together looking through a photo album. They were on the page of the pictures of my mom and dad near the same age […]

Roller Skates

Last night my mom and I sat out on the porch for a while before bed. There was a young boy across in the street wearing rollerblades. He was going around and around and around the block. My mom counted that he went around 8 times. It could have been more. My mom commented that […]