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Teenage King

Today is the feast of St. Louis. My mom remembered that at dinner time, perhaps because we used to live in the city of the same name. So we learned more about him. St. Louis IX was King of France in the 13th century, having become king at age 13. Throughout his reign, St. Louis defended justice and promoted peace. He organized ‘the court of the king;’ bringing regular reviews of feudal cases. He prioritized the poor; founding many hospitals and charitable organizations. Also, he loved architecture; supporting the famous Sorbonne University and the Sainte Chappelle, the ‘Holy Chapel’ known for its architectural complexity with stained glass. I was impressed that a teenage boy was so concerned with others. I would think it would be pretty easy for an adolescent king to find many ways to amuse himself. And yet, St. Louis did the opposite. Thinking of him gave me hope for our youth and I asked him to pray for them.

I Found God today in a selfless teenage king.

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