My Trust is in the Lord

The past few days have been filled with unrest. I heard in a homily today what has been repeated by many faithful friends that as Christians, we need to remember that our hope and trust is not in a governmental system, a political party, or the things we read or hear in forms of media. […]

Desperate Benediction

With all the chaos that ensued today, I was encouraged to find consolation with my friends on social media. One particular item that was shared was a song released today by Steven Curtis Chapman, “A Desperate Benediction”. On his Youtube introduction of the song, he says in part, ” . . . ultimately, I believe […]

Friend’s Surprise Vaccine

Like most people, we have been watching for the opportunity to receive the coronavirus vaccine. My parents and I are all connected to the same health care system. They sent us each an email a couple weeks ago stating that they would let us know when it is our turn to get the injection. At […]

New Year’s Prayer

I received a new year’s prayer in the mail the other day that we prayed tonight. It was beautiful and well worth sharing: Lord, we pray that this New Year will bring us closer to You.Help us to truly celebrate the gifts You have graciously given us and use them to serve You and spread […]

Continuing the Chronicles

For years my son and I have watched the Chronicles of Narnia, “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” at Christmas time. When I was at his place the other day, I mentioned it to him. He pulled out the DVD and let me borrow it. Tonight, I watched it with my parents. It was […]

Christmas Candle

My parents and I were looking for something to watch on TV tonight. We have watched a couple of those sappy Christmas movies where you can accurately predict the plot in the first 5 minutes. You know the main characters will fall in love with each other by the end of the drama. We wanted […]

Why Does God Allow Evil

In my Bible class tonight, we read through the book of the prophet Habakkuk. He raises the question to God one that we have all wrestled with since the beginning of time – Why does God allow evil? Habakkuk cried out to God since from his perspective, evil was flourishing and good was dwindling. He […]

Not Comfortable Here

In skimming my emails today, a paragraph from an advertised blog caught my eye: The world is not a very comfortable place right now. Now, it could certainly be worse (although I don’t usually find that reminder too terribly comforting); but it has also definitely been better. To say that the difficulties, tragedies, injustices, and […]

Righteousness, Justice, Peace

Tonight in my Bible class, we continued our study of the prophet Isaiah. After the tumultuous week our country has experienced regarding the election, the words from the prophet rang true. Time and time again, Isaiah exhorts the people not to put their trust in men, nations, governments, but to place their trust in God. […]

Civic Duty Completed

I have been praying, pondering, and deciding how I should vote in this election. I have had discussions with countess people, read all the info provided by the state, perused the paraphernalia, and watched more ads and campaigns than I would like. Today I made the time to complete the ballot and took it to […]