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Dancing Family

My dad has the perfect spot at the dinner table that looks straight out the windows. When we were finishing dinner tonight, he pointed out a family who was taking a walk. The little girl was spinning and dancing. As we watched, the mom started spinning and dancing too. Then the dad started singing. The […]

Many Care

I took my mom to have her hair cut today. The parking lot is very tight and as I pulled into a parking spot, I realized there was a woman slowly making her way down the curb to get into the car next to me. I pulled back out and moved the car over, leaving […]

Over the Migraine

The other day, I felt a migraine coming on. I knew I had done it to myself by eating foods that I shouldn’t. I was very careful that day and treated it best I could, expecting to feel better yesterday. However, the headache was still there in the background. I had one more day of […]

Well Played, God

I have been trying to read spiritual books, but I get distracted, change books, and have not been very good at disciplining myself. Yesterday at church, an instructor for a Catholic Bible School spoke about a class that will be starting soon. It lit a spark in my heart, but I thought about how much […]

Thinking of Love

One of the readings at church today was EPH 5:21-32, which is the infamous scripture about how wives should be subordinate to their husbands. But, the other part of that is the instruction for husbands to love their wives as God loves the church. I thought the priest gave some great words of wisdom. He referred […]

Library Music Books

When my mom was young, her grandfather lived with them for a while before he died. This morning my mom remembered when they used to take him to the library to look for German books. She was about 10 years old at the time. When they went, my mom discovered that the library carried books […]

All Will Be Well

I went for a walk and talk with a friend today and she told me a story about having faith. A priest that she knows was driving during a very bad snow storm and was pretty scared. He said all at once he got a deep sense of peace and calm. He “heard” God say […]