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Wait For Something Bad

I took my mom to the rheumatologist today to discuss her options regarding bone density medication. She recommended a shot that my mom would receive once every 6 months and went over the potential side effects. When she asked my mom what she thought, my mom said she was ready to go ahead with it and asked what I thought. I said that if she was ready that was OK. The doctor commented that I didn’t sound very convinced. I told her that I really don’t like the idea of doing things to my mom that could potentially cause problems – especially when things are going well. She proceeded to tell me all about the potential benefits of the medication and that it was tolerated well. Then she said, “or I guess you could wait until something bad happens.” That took me back a bit and I have been thinking about that comment ever since. I mean in life, something bad will happen. It’s inevitable. But what can I do to guard or possibly prevent some of those bad things? Is it worse to be afraid of potential side effects, or worse to be afraid of potential harm due to not acting? All in all, it’s worse just to be afraid. We have done our due diligence in talking with all the doctors and taking the required tests. Now it is time to act and trust that God is working it all out. He got us to this point. Oh, and the decision was made before we left the office. My mom will be getting the shot.

I Found God today in a comment that made me ponder and bring me back to faith.

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