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Meeting Maria – Again

It was an unusually cool and cloudy day today, but perfect weather for taking a long walk. I made my way up one of the busier streets and came to a set of stairs that led down to the neighborhood. As I reached them, an older woman had just climbed them and we met at the top. We exchanged hellos and I continued on. She was going the same direction as me, and I heard her footsteps behind me keeping time with mine. After a minute or so, she made a comment about the weather. Clearly she was wanting to talk. I slowed so we were next to each other and I realized my mom and I had met her one other time. We had a long conversation with her then. Once side by side, we chatted and walked. She showed me where her house was and talked about her husband’s death. Other people wanted her to sell the big house, but she is still able to maintain it. She said she knows she will have to leave at some point, but why rush it. We came to an intersection and I was going straight while she was turning. We shook hands and she said that next time I’m out for a walk, I should stop by and visit her. I wondered how many people she has said that to. We parted ways, but her strength, perseverance, and loneliness have stuck with me all day.

I Found God today in a strong, yet lonely woman.

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