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Caring Connection and Commitment

Tonight I had dinner with a young woman I met when I worked at a church many years ago. She moved away and got married a year ago. We stayed in touch via texting and social media. She and her husband came to my area for vacation, and I was so happy that we were able to get together. I knew that the young man was taking care of his mother, but I guess I didn’t really know to what extent. He shared that his father had passed away almost 20 years ago, and that he and his older brother promised to take care of his mother who was in poor health. That is what they have been doing and continue to do. We talked for a while about the joys, struggles, and blessings of care giving. I think it is like most life situations in that unless you are living it, it is difficult to explain. But when you talk with someone who is in the same position, there is an instant connection and understanding. The young couple was certainly doing their best to honor the promise made while recognizing the need to nurture their own relationship. I was glad that they were able to get away and spend time alone together. I was so impressed and inspired by their loving commitment.

I Found God today in a loving young couple.

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