Surprise Wedding Party

I love the water aerobics class that I go to. It is a great workout. But also the people are super nice and thoughtful. One of the young lifeguards got married recently but did not have a big ceremony, or a shower, or a party of any kind. My aerobics instructor suggested having a party […]


My parents celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary today. They said several times that they couldn’t believe how much time has gone by and that they are still here to celebrate. It just happened to also be Good Friday. The weather outside was just about perfect, so we decided to pack a picnic lunch and head […]

Postcards from the Past

As my dad was looking through some papers today, he found a stack of old postcards that were written by him and my mom from some 40-60 years ago. They logged most of the trips that were taken. Most of them were sent to my dad’s parents who had kept them and now they are […]


Today my mom and dad were able to get out for a walk before the weather turned too cold. In the complex where we live, the street is a large circle that goes to each home. At the other end of the complex are the mailboxes. When my parents reached the halfway point, my mom […]

Not the D Word

I looked through the Mass readings early this morning and was glad I did. The Gospel scripture was about divorce. The people asked Jesus if it was OK to get a divorce as Moses said it was. Jesus answered that Moses gave that rule due to the hard hearts of the people. Jesus then goes […]

Better Sleep

My mom has been getting up at a new earlier time recently. This morning she said she has been sleeping much better lately. Ever since she had cataract surgery, she has been seeing huge halos around lights, especially at night. Evidently, when she would wake up during the night, she saw the large red numbers […]

Made For More

Tonight I went to an interesting and powerful event called “Made For More” led by Christopher West. The presentation started with a somewhat disturbing animated video of people on their cell phones not paying any attention to one another, dehumanizing horrific events, and finally following each other as they walk off a cliff. The point […]