To the Cemetery

My mom has been wanting to get out to the cemetery for the past couple of days, but she hasn’t felt good and the weather has not cooperated. Today, it was chilly, but the wind was not blowing. Mom felt ok after lunch, so we decided to go. I bought her some flowers the other […]

Grateful for a Sad Heart

The other day, a friend of mine wrote that she was “grateful for a sad heart” after her aunt passed away. That statement seemed like an oxymoron. Today my parents would have celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary. We all had sad hearts here. I pondered my friend’s gratitude as, to me, the pain my mom […]

Her Jewelry

Before my dad died, he, my mom, and I made notes about the interesting items they have collected from their travels around the world. We wanted to make sure people knew what they were and where they came from. My mom has been wanting to do the same thing with her jewelry. Tonight we decided […]

70 Years

Today was my parent’s 70th wedding anniversary. When my mother gets up in the morning, it usually takes her some time to figure out what day it is. This morning she knew. Of course she was sad that my dad wasn’t here to celebrate with her. I asked if there was anything in particular she […]

Spiritual Support

I had not met with my prayer group since before Thanksgiving, so it was nice to get together with them online tonight. People had similar stories about being with some family over holidays and then not because of COVID. We had a thoughtful discussion about the scripture reading for the upcoming Sunday- the story of […]

Christmas Pageant

Tonight the activity coordinators at my dad’s facility planned a Christmas Pageant. Their intent was to have the residents wear their dressiest clothes and have them walk the red carpet. My parents attended many formals – especially when my dad was in the military, so we thought this would be a nice evening for them. […]

Year Anniversary Visit

Today we had a wonderful visit with my nephew and his wife. It is the first time we have seen them together since they were married exactly 1 year ago. As we talked about the past year of pandemic, they noticed what a unique time it was. The first celebration of their marriage was with […]

Simple Loving Gesture

I met with my prayer group on Zoom this evening. One of the ladies had her hair done today and it looked lovely. At one point during our discussion, her husband gently pulled back a piece of hair from her face. She looked at him and as their eyes met, they smiled. They have been […]

Flower Season Begins

Today my parent’s celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary. And flower season at the house has begun. The other day they received a bouquet from my mom’s sister. The next day my sister came and brought a bouquet that ironically matched the first one. Today my parent’s received a large bouquet of red roses and irises […]

Stay With You Forever

My mom and dad watched part of the retreat again today. At one point the priest said in regards to God as someone, ” . . . to stay with you forever, loving you . . .” My dad turned to my mom and said, “See – that’s me for you.” I got teary-eyed. I […]