Finally Photo Album

We had quite the festivities here during the months of April and May. I had been promising my siblings that I would share photos of the all the events. Although they weren’t here physically to celebrate, they sent flowers and gifts and we all participated in some pretty creative Zoom sessions. We kicked off the […]

Loving Marriage

My nephew and his girlfriend announced a while back that they were engaged to be married. They wanted to have the wedding this Spring and had been thinking about what that might look like. Due to the current circumstances, they decided to have the marriage ceremony in a park with only their parents in attendance. […]

Virtual Anniversary

Today my parent’s celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary. My dad created a cute card for my mom with photos of them on their wedding day and now. They have been saying for days now that they can’t believe they have been married for so long – that is a lifetime. In the afternoon, we had […]

Music Speaks

April and May bring the celebrations of my parents’ wedding anniversary and both of their birthdays. Today they received a box in the mail from my mom’s sister. After carefully unwrapping layers of bubble wrap we came to beautifully framed artwork. Reading the note revealed that the piece had been sewn by my cousin’s wife. […]

Young Love

My nephew has been dating a young woman for a couple of years now. We have always thought they have been a very good match. They compliment one another. They treat each other with kindness and respect and their love for each other is evident. My nephew called us this evening to let us know […]

Sweetest Valentine

A couple weeks ago, my crafty sister brought some valentine cards over for my mom to work on. They spent an hour or so cutting and pasting and deciding who to give them to. Yesterday, my dad sadly apologized for not having a valentine for my mom. I suggested that he might be able to […]

Team Project

Today was cookie day. I took over the kitchen, put on my peaceful Christmas music playlist, and made 22 dozen cookies. While I was working on them, my parents worked on their Christmas cards. It has been quite a project. They recovered their mailing list and called my aunt to get new addresses. They had […]

Needing Help

Today my mom needed some help getting into a website. Then she needed help plugging her tablet into the charger. She was getting a little frustrated asking for help and complained about it. My dad reassured her that she helped all of us for years and now it is ok for us to help her. […]

Thoughts to Phone Call

When I go back to the state I used to live in, it is impossible to visit with all the people I would like to see. There was one person in particular who I was unable to catch up with and he had been on my mind. He gave me a surprise phone call today. […]

Loving Appreciation

I spent some time today with a new friend and met her husband. They will be celebrating their 31st wedding anniversary soon. As they talked, their love and support for one another was obvious. She has had some health issues, but still enjoys making homemade treats for people including her husbands co-workers. He has had […]