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Pick a Card

Today a friend told me that a customer came into the place where she works and spread out a bunch of cards face down. He told her to pick one. She smiled, and he must have been pleased, as he then offered her two. She flipped the cards over. One had the scripture verse on […]

Do Not Worry

I have been reading scripture every day and today’s really spoke to my heart. I hope it will encourage you too. Luke 12:22-32   He said to [his] disciples, “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life and what you will eat, or about your body and what you will wear. For life is more […]

Rain Poncho

The other day I was happy to get a call from one of the neighbor ladies asking if I wanted to go for a walk with her and her friend. I met them in the park today and despite the thunder and threatening clouds, we started on our way. They didn’t know the details of […]

Finding Rings

When my mom was in the hospital, I noticed she wasn’t wearing her wedding rings. I remembered that at one of the previous visits, the nurse gave me her rings immediately to hold on to. I figured my sister or dad had them. A few days ago, my dad asked if I had her rings. […]

Spiritual Encounter

Today I took some time at home while my dad, sister and others visited my mom. I thought it would do me some good to take a little break, but I just kept thinking about her. I went out and took a little walk which always helps to clear my head. When I got back, […]

Push the Button

When my sister and my mom get together, they always laugh so hard it brings my sister to tears. Today did not disappoint. My sister came to town and we went to visit my mom in the rehab facility. My mom said she needed to go to the bathroom. The call button was next to […]

Dinner and a Show

The rehab facility where my mom is staying has different activities going on every day. My dad and I saw that there was harp music this evening, so we hoped that my mom would be able to go down to the dining room for dinner and to enjoy the music. She has been having difficulty […]

Surprise Garden

There is an elementary school close to the house that is sometimes on my walking route. In between the school building and the playground is a dirt area that has been slowly progressing into a garden. I took a walk this evening after dinner to get some exercise and clear my head a little. I […]

Stand Firm and Hold Fast

Today I read the scripture readings of the daily Mass to my mom and dad when we were all together. There was a reflection based on the words, “stand firm and hold fast”. It talked about how we are to respond when we feel anxious about current events, speculation about the end time, or thoughts […]

Way Beyond Me

I got in the car early this morning to see my mom and turned on the radio. It was on the Christian station and the song, “Beyond Me” by Toby Mac came on. It was perfect for the day and I kept it in the front of my mind. You can see the video HERE. […]