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Halloween Memories

A few years ago, I was travelling on Halloween with a friend of mine as we made our way across the country so I could move with my parents. The next Halloween, I made “scary face pancakes” for breakfast. That tradition stuck, though I try to mix it up a little each year. This morning […]

Impact Made

As we listened to old recordings today, my mom remembered how the microphones were positioned on the stage of the high school gymnasium. She also remembered the man who was in charge of the sound system. She said she would always get so nervous before she was to go out on that stage to sing. […]

God’s Reminder

Today I read 2 messages from 2 different places that really struck me. “The more you know God and trust in His eternal ways, the more you are able to be patient with the other people around you.”¬† ¬†Allen Hunt “Before this day even began, God knew what we would face, what we would need […]

Project Day

It was a snowy day today, so we stayed inside all day. It was a good day to get some projects done. I had specific cleaning I was able to get done in the kitchen. My dad worked on getting copies of some old photos with my mom’s help. My brother continued cleaning up the […]

Loving Appreciation

I spent some time today with a new friend and met her husband. They will be celebrating their 31st wedding anniversary soon. As they talked, their love and support for one another was obvious. She has had some health issues, but still enjoys making homemade treats for people including her husbands co-workers. He has had […]


My parents and I took advantage of the gorgeous day and went out for a walk. On the way, we met a neighbor who told us of her exciting upcoming trip. She will be going to a small country in Africa that I had never heard of before. When I asked her why, she explained […]

Hockey Game

My son invited me to a hockey game tonight featuring his alma mater. Before the game, he and 2 of his friends came over for dinner. At one point they were talking work and technical things and to me it sounded like a foreign language. They were also funny and energetic. I very much enjoyed […]

Sharing Caring

A friend is struggling with her own health as she worries about and is caring for her husband who is ill. She called me today as she received an invitation for a caregivers seminar coming up soon. She said she thought of me and wanted to give me the information in case I wanted to […]

No New Spots

The past few months, I have had to make a visit to the dermatologist due to irritating spots on my arm. I ended up having 3 biopsies at 2 different times and having all 3 of those removed as they were basal cell carcinoma. I have not been worried about it, but it is an […]

Hearing Again

After a long time of struggling, my mom got some new hearing aids last week and has been trying to figure them out. Tonight she and my dad got out the booklet and went through how to clean them. They read about many of the options available. She pushed the buttons as she read to […]