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Puzzle of Life

I have literally thousands of pictures that I have taken over the years and hundreds of pieces of memorabilia that I have kept. When I moved about 1 1/2 years ago, I just packed all of them in boxes and brought them along. Recently, my sister was looking for some specific photos, so I decided […]

Memorial Day 16

Today is Memorial Day. While I did not go and participate in any memorials, I did read and hear many stories of those who have lost their lives in the military. There were stories by family members and friends, all heart felt and courageous. Each one different, yet each one very much the same. I […]

Ave Verum Corpus

This morning in church, before the Mass started the choir started singing “Ave Verum Corpus” – “Hail, True Body”. My mom said she loved the song and started singing along. She was very quiet, but I could hear her. Although her voice is not what it used to be, she still hit the the high […]

Gift For Bravery

A friend’s little boy has had medical issues from the time he was born. At barely 2 years old, the poor little guy has had surgery on both of his club feet and is going through casting and braces on his legs. Most recently, his family discovered that when he was sleeping, there would be […]

Grandfather’s Story

It was a quiet day at home today. My dad wasn’t feeling very well, so he slept much of the time. My mom got bored pretty quickly and wanted to find a project. Years ago, she started a photo album/scrapbook that tells the story of her family. She has a page set aside for her […]

Treated With Care

I took my mom to a doctor’s appointment bright and early this morning. In the waiting room, there was a woman speaking very loudly. It became apparent that she was mentally challenged. There was another woman with her who was completing her paperwork and would talk with her every now and again. She was very […]

Time With My Son

My son is taking a summer course at his college, so we had just a few days to visit this time around. We got up ridiculously early this morning to make sure he got to the airport in plenty of time for his flight. With all the hype about 3 hour wait lines and such […]

Wild Wildlife

I asked my son how he wanted to spend our day together today.┬áHe decided to go to the zoo. Even though we have been there several times, it is one of his favorite things to do. The weather was beautiful and the animals were more active than I have ever seen. First, we had fun […]

To Be 110

In preparation for my dad’s appointment with the cardiologist today, he put together his chart of blood pressure readings that he takes on a regular basis. It does seem to fluctuate and has for quite some time. He also has been recording his pulse and feeling it on his wrist with his finger. To him, […]

Giving Youth a Chance

Today I helped with a spaghetti supper to help support foster families. This particular activity focuses on the teenagers. I learned more about one particular woman who is a foster parent. In the past, she ran a homeless shelter in the city. She encountered several teenage boys looking for a place to stay. She wanted […]