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Healing of Sorts

Last night I said that I was sure my mom would have a wonderful night sleep and wake up refreshed this morning after attending the Healing Mass. In reality, that does not happen very often. But when I saw my mother this morning, she said she had such a good night sleep that she had […]

A Healing Mass

Tonight my mother and I attended a “Healing Mass” at our church. The priest was visiting from New Jersey and here for a Catholic conference. He was very charismatic in his words and prayers. The majority of the people in the church were very enthusiastic as his energy was contagious. One thing that really struck […]

Changing Perspective

Yesterday I had a long conversation with my sister who was having one of “those days”. You know – the kind where nothing seems to go right, decisions seem to be all wrong, work is crazy, the responsibilities of life are overwhelming, and to top it off she had been teaching her son how to […]

Holy Communion Delivered

My dad had been struggling to make it to church, so when my mom’s friend comes over, she has been bringing Holy Communion. She brought Communion to people who are home bound and in the hospital, so she has permission to get the consecrated hosts from her church. She came over this morning too and […]

Love of His Kids

Today, my parents and I went to the lawyer’s office to talk more about estate planning. It has been weighing heavy on my dad’s mind. The lawyer was patient and caring as she listened to the story of the family. My dad wanted her to have a good idea who we are and such to help […]

Nature Heals the Weary Spirit

Today was a gorgeous day. I got up early early and met my sister and her husband for breakfast. Then we went for a hike. We started at the top of a canyon and followed the trail along the ridge. We stopped at several overlooks to get a good view of the canyon walls and […]

Caring Dads

It seemed like dad’s day to me today. When I was out running errands, I saw a man carrying a baby in one of those front carrier devices. I thought it was the cutest thing. As I was checking out, a family came by on their way out of the store. Mom was pushing the […]

Full of Goodness

My parents and I left the house early this morning and started with doctor appointments. First my mom saw the pacemaker clinician. A few weeks ago we connected the pacemaker monitor and transmitted the stored information about the device and how my mom’s heart was working with it. The clinician said that the information showed […]

Out of Addiction

Tonight I was able to connect with my prayer group via Facetime. It is always uplifting to be with this wonderful group of women. Two of them recently opened an interior decorating shop. They said that every day they speak to people who share their faith with them. One of the ladies told a story of stopping […]

Bringing the Inside Out

Yesterday my mother started intensive voice therapy. As her Parkinson’s has progressed, her voice is very quiet and can get quite raspy. The object of the therapy is to help her to use her diaphragm properly again to breathe and speak. It will also help improve her facial muscles. One of the symptoms of Parkinson’s […]