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Nature Heals the Weary Spirit

Today was a gorgeous day. I got up early early and met my sister and her husband for breakfast. Then we went for a hike. We started at the top of a canyon and followed the trail along the ridge. We stopped at several overlooks to get a good view of the canyon walls and flowing water at the bottom. It seemed that everywhere I looked I spotted wildlife – bunnies, a lizard, and even a fish jumping out of the water. As we continued, we went down to the bottom of the canyon and followed the creek. It was so quiet and serene – just the sound of the trickling water and an occasional bird. We spotted deer tracks, but no deer. When we made our way back up we were pretty hot and ready to take a little rest. We came upon a resting spot with a bench engraved with the quote, “Nature heals the weary spirit. – Stefan Michalak” True, true. We then followed another trail that passed a large picnic area with a gazebo. It was set up for an event and there was a young lady sitting inside the gazebo playing her viola. She was playing a piece from Bach that my brother-in-law loved. It was glorious listening to the music surrounded by the beauty of nature. The morning truly rejuvenated my spirit.

I Found God today in several instances and ways of experiencing nature.

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