It was a warmish sunny day today and I was happy to be able to get out. A friend of mine was suffering with shingles at the same time I had COVID. We both were feeling better, so I went to her house for lunch. It was wonderful to catch up. We shared our struggles […]

Couple Appointments

I had a couple of appointments today and tentatively left the house when our friend came to stay with my mom. As I’m still recovering, I have learned that if I move very slowly, I am able to do things. If I try to rush or push too much, I will end up hitting a […]

The Big Walk

Mom and I went for a walk today. I mean – a real walk. About 4 times further than I had been in weeks. At first my legs retaliated, but I insisted and kept going. It was actually hard to keep up with my mom, which was very different for me. At the end, I […]

Almost Back

Yesterday our friend came over to stay with my mom. We hadn’t seen her – or anyone other than my sister – in a month. I got dressed in real clothes and decided to be brave and do a grocery store run. First I thought I should make sure the 2 cars in the garage […]

To Boast of Miracles

I listened to the Gospel reading this morning. It was the story of Jesus healing a man with leprosy and asking him not to tell anyone but the priests to see that he was clean and able to be part of the community once again. The man who was healed could not keep it to […]

God Said Rest

It was a beautiful sunny day today, so mom and I sat outside for a while determined to get some of that healing vitamin D. After a few minutes, our neighbor came out to his porch too. He has a bad respiratory infection and had the same idea of getting good air and sunshine. We […]

Hope, Strength, Courage

A friend of mine pointed out that the Mass readings for today were very fitting for the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. I enjoyed the readings before I realized the day and that made them even more meaningful. They talked about the necessity of allowing God to be a part of our lives. We can try […]

Sign of Strength

I received an update today about the young man who was in a car accident that we have been praying for. He is improving and finally ready to be transferred out of the ICU after almost 3 weeks. That was such good news and a testament of the power of prayer. When some visitors left […]

Praying For Healing

We have a list of people we pray for every day to Our Lady of Lourdes for healing. A friend of mine had a serious infection and was hospitalized even over Thanksgiving. It was such great news to hear that she went home today. Another friend has a nephew who was in a car accident […]

Real Revolution

There has been so much political advertising and opinions all culminating with the election. Today was all about the results. But that will only ramp up the propaganda and information that is thrown at us. I often think about how great it would be if all political parties could just agree on the basic fact […]