Stitches Out

I had been anticipating today since I had the stitches put in my thumb 10 days ago. The NP in the Urgent Care that I went to said to go back in 10 days to get them taken out. But, she recommended a location that is not usually as busy. I decided to go there […]

Back to Things

When my dad had the stroke, everything kind of stopped. We just took one day at a time as it presented itself. But as he has been recovering and doing so well recently, we have been considering returning to classes and such. Today my mom decided to take the leap and attended her exercise class. […]

Welcomed Change of Pace

It has been pretty hectic around here. Therapists and nurses have been coming over 4-5 days a week. My parents have had several extremely restless nights. Yesterday, the last therapist came over to discharge my dad from the program. Last night, my parents slept like they haven’t for years and got up late. It was […]

Spider Bite

My sister has been feeling just terrible for over a week now. It all started when she discovered a spider bite that appeared to be infected. She made a trip to the hospital where they took care of it, took some tests, and gave her antibiotics. Two days later she came down with a high […]

All About Physics

My parents didn’t sleep well last night, so my dad was pretty tired this morning and not really looking forward to his appointment with the Home Health Care Occupational Therapist. She was to evaluate the progress my dad made and discharge him from that area. But when she arrived, my dad perked up a little. […]

Man Spa

Before my dad had his stroke, he had decided to let his hair grow out some. It was getting pretty long, then he ended up in the hospital and rehab for about 4 weeks. During that time, he kept saying how he couldn’t wait to get it cut. My brother promised that they would go […]

Final Visits

Today my dad had a visit from the speech therapist and the occupational therapist. Both of them told my dad that they were impressed with how well he has been recovering and that today would be their last visit. They encouraged him to continue doing what he needs to do. It was good to hear […]