Hugging Again

My daughter in law had surgery last week, but has been recovering well. The operation was in her abdomen so she has had to be very careful not to do anything to irritate the incision. We chatted tonight and she said she was bored, but feeling pretty good. She said the best part was that […]

Pretty Lucky

Today I did more reading and research about stroke recovery. I weeded through all the material to find information that was specific to my dad’s symptoms. As I did so, I realized again just how lucky he is. A stroke can leave a person so incapacitated. Though my dad is struggling through, I’m incredibly grateful […]

Ditched the Walker

My dad was prepared to question the physical therapist when he arrived this morning. He wondered when he would be back to “normal”. The therapist asked what he meant by that. Specifically, my dad was asking how long he would have to use the walker. The therapist helped my dad use a cane the last […]

Tricky Maneuvers

My dad’s physical therapist came today and did some balancing tests with him. At first my dad was afraid to try some of the maneuvers. But after some encouragement from the therapist, he amazed himself and all of us. The therapist then took him through some exercises and new walking techniques. He was reassuring and […]

Small Victories

It has been a week now since my dad has come home from rehab. We have had therapists and nurses from home health care coming and going. Today was a free day with no visitors. My dad decided what to do with his day and that is what happened. He started with my brother going […]

Doing the Stairs

My dad has been chomping at the bit to go downstairs since he got home. But, I haven’t felt confident enough to do them with him. Today the physical therapist came, despite the unexpected continuous snowy day. My dad told her that he really wanted to get down the stairs because that’s where all his […]

Beginning Home Recovery

Today was a new day with my dad tooling all around in his walker. We had a visit from the home health care nurse who was very nice and very knowledgeable. She was a good start to the progression of therapists that will be coming through. My brother’s dog seemed again to be overly concerned. […]