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Mom’s Mental Message

It has been super windy recently, particularly at the cabin where my brother has been. Today as we sat down for lunch, my mother commented that we had not heard from my brother for a couple of days and she hoped everything was ok. Less than 5 minutes later, my brother called. He said everything […]

Just Help

As I skimmed through my email this morning, I came across a short video and a written meditation, both focusing on the theme for today’s Gospel about the rich man who did not care about the poor man at his doorstep. They also both held the same message- help those around you. There are so […]

Reset Again

Yesterday I remembered praying the rosary with some friends on a regular basis. I thought about how that really helped me to be more grounded in my faith. Now, since I am unable to pray in that way, I decided to try to make time to pray the rosary more often on my own. I […]

Connected by Rosary

This morning a post I wrote 6 years ago popped up on my phone. It was about meeting two friends of mine to pray the rosary, even though I would have rather slept in that morning. I have moved to another state since then. I really miss the prayer time and the faithful friendship of […]

Challenges are Opportunities

Today I read a meditation that was particularly meaningful. “The challenges that come our way in life are simply opportunities to change, to grow, and to become the best version of ourselves.” Matthew Kelly.  It reminded me that life in itself is a challenge. Even Jesus Christ struggled as well as those around him. But […]

He is Trustworthy

This morning as I was in prayer, I asked God to help me trust Him more. As I went through the day, I was reminded of the ways God already has taken care of me. I talked to a friend who is also a caregiver and remembered my incredible experience at Lourdes when I was […]

Sunrise Gift

I usually am the first one awake and open the windows to let in some cool, fresh air. This morning when I opened the east facing window, I saw an amazing sunrise. The vibrant pink/orange colors only lasted a few moments. It felt like a little morning gift. I was happy that I caught a […]