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Super Occurence

Yesterday, my dad and I headed up to the cabin hoping to get a good view of the moon. It was cloudy when we arrived and the forecast called for more high clouds. So, I was praying that the sky would clear for just a little while. When I got up in the morning, the […]

Enjoying Learning

When I heard about the lunar eclipse, I wanted to try to get some pictures with my new camera. I read through more of the instruction manual and tried out some new settings on the sunset. When the moon was in view, my dad and I took some more shots. Being the photographer, my dad […]

Energizing Love

When my mom is at her exercise class, I have an opportunity to visit with the other caregivers who have brought their loved ones to the class. We share stories, concerns, recipes, and ways to take care of ourselves. Today, one of the older ladies had the front of her gray hair dyed purple. She […]

Like Normal

My mom’s health has been improving little by little over the past year. She has been committed to her exercise classes, playing the piano, taking long walks, and riding her exercise bike. She even does the Wii on occasion. She gets out with others, does more around the house, and sings in church. She has […]

Calmed the Cryer

I usually don’t go to the grocery store on Saturday, but it needed to be done today. As I made my way through the crowded aisles, I heard the sound of a baby crying. I felt so bad for the baby and the parent. Trying to finish a shopping trip with a crying baby is […]

Found the Weather

My dad was a meteorologist in the Air Force for about 25 years. He still enjoys everything about weather and space. He installed a small weather station at the cabin and has been keeping track of the information for years. The other day he was searching for the data in his computer and couldn’t find […]

Sharing Food

Today I saw a touching story. A woman talked about how her older children were now out of the house so she doesn’t cook very much any more. But she decided to make dinner for herself one night. Not knowing how to prepare a small amount, she cooked a large meal. She had so much […]

Enjoying a Break

We decided to make a trip to the cabin in the mountains today. When we got there and looked around, the place looked unusually clean. Normally there are lots of dead flies from being in a closed up house. Gross, I know. Today there were only a couple. There is always something that really needs […]

What Does God Want

Today, I read Bishop Robert Barron’s scripture reflection and for whatever reason – God’s I’m sure – it really touched my heart. I will share it here as it may do the same for you. MARK 3:31-35 Friends, in today‚Äôs Gospel Jesus identifies us as his disciples. So what do we discover about ourselves? First, […]

Dependence on God

Last week, I met a new person at the Lifetree Cafe session that I went to. We exchanged phone numbers as she offered to pray for me. I received a message from her today saying that she was praying for both of us with the scripture Matthew 6:25-34. The subject is “Dependence on God”. It […]