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Super Occurence

Yesterday, my dad and I headed up to the cabin hoping to get a good view of the moon. It was cloudy when we arrived and the forecast called for more high clouds. So, I was praying that the sky would clear for just a little while. When I got up in the morning, the large moon was surrounded by a halo and hovering above the cliffs in the West. There was a thin layer of clouds covering the moon and the stars. As time went on, the clouds dissipated. The stars became visible and the moon was bright. My dad and I were elated and got our camera equipment ready as we enjoyed the show. I did my best to get some good pictures. My dad tried a time lapse video. As the sky lightened and the moon disappeared, we watched the sunrise. Knowing that I would be more tired as the day progressed, we decided to head home early. We packed up all our equipment and headed home, stopping in the nearby town for breakfast. When we left, we made our way down the winding mountain road. There was some sporadic construction on the road, so we had to wait a couple times as traffic could only proceed on one lane. A car had been behind us from the time we left the town. During the last stop, I saw the driver get out of his car. He came to our bumper and then up to the window. He was holding my dad’s mini-tripod. Evidently, the tripod was set or rolled on to the bumper as we were packing up. The man saw it and retrieved it for us. We couldn’t believe it rode there for such a long time – and on a bumpy dirt road along with this windy road. We thanked the man profusely and were grateful that he made that effort.

I Found God today in a beautiful scene in nature and a helpful man.

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