Respectful Waitress

Today we went to lunch at an Italian restaurant to celebrate my parent’s friend’s 88th birthday. She is so sweet and very soft spoken. The waitress was so considerate, helpful, and attentive. She explained everything on the menu and helped the woman pick out the best dish for her. When we finished our lunch, she […]

Help at the Nursery

We seemed to finally have a string of nice weather, so today my mom and I decided to go to the plant nursery. I think half the city decided to do the same thing as the place was packed with people looking for flowers, seedlings, vegetable starters, and everything a person needs to garden. Luckily […]

Loving Posture

Today in the grocery store, I stopped in the card aisle. There was a woman and a young man there too. I heard them chat a bit and when they turned around, I realized the young man had Down’s Syndrome. They made their choice and left the aisle. I found the perfect card and made […]

Helping the Homeless Hero

The other day there was a terrible crash on the highway. I heard early on that a homeless man who was in the area sprang into action and started pulling people out of their cars before they caught on fire. He saved at least 3 people. I heard tonight that a news station started a […]

Making Room

It was a beautiful day outside, so my mom and I took a walk. My mom always uses her walker outside so she has more stability. Today we went in a different direction from the way we usually go. As we meandered along, I noticed 2 men sitting outside on the porch a few houses […]

Powerful Service

I watched a reflection today from Dynamic Catholic that included a story about how one person chose to serve a stranger in jail due to a chance phone call. It was an interesting and powerful story, so I would like to share it here.┬áThe reflection is first followed by the story. I Found God today […]

Thankful For Service

It was a beautiful day today, so my parents and I had lunch out on the patio. After a while, a young man came around checking the sprinklers in the grassy area. He and my dad got to talking about the tree that nearly came down in the blizzard a few weeks ago. My dad […]