Strangers Prayers

I belong to a social media group of Catholic Caregivers that I came upon a while back. People share struggles, questions, advice, and prayer requests. Today the organizer of the group share what she is going through and asked how we may all be able to pray for one another this week. After reading one […]

Patience and Respect

I headed to the grocery store this morning. I thought perhaps it wouldn’t be so crowded early in the morning during a snowstorm. Boy was I wrong. I learned from some of employees that there had been lines of people since 6:00 this morning. I was expecting the worst, but hoping for the best. As […]

Miracle Baby

My mom, her friend and I went to lunch today. When we arrived, we noticed that it seemed to be “ladies day”. We were seated by the drink machine so we saw pretty much everyone who came in. There was one man in the whole place and a steady stream of women kept coming – […]

After Christmas Observations

I took a little walk this afternoon in the brisk air. It was interesting to see what was happening the day after Christmas. There were several people out walking as well. Some were alone, some were with others, some were walking dogs. I noticed the mostly deflated Christmas decorations lying on the ground awaiting another […]

Various People

My parents and I went to Christmas Eve Mass at 6:00 pm and one of my sister’s met us there. The family that sat in front of us was too cute. My dad struck up a couple of conversations with the husband who proudly introduced his family and foreign exchange student. They had 5 children, […]

Seeing Jesus

In my Bible class tonight, my teacher told a story about a monk who wanted to see Jesus before he died. While in prayer, Jesus said He would meet the man the next day. The following day, the monk awaited eagerly in his room to meet with Jesus. He didn’t attend Mass as usual. He […]

Knowing Moment

I had to stop in the grocery story today as did probably half the city. Most people were being kind and patient. Some were in a hurry as they tried to pass others when they had an opportunity down the narrow aisles. At one point, I was making the big turn from one aisle to […]


My parents and I took advantage of the gorgeous day and went out for a walk. On the way, we met a neighbor who told us of her exciting upcoming trip. She will be going to a small country in Africa that I had never heard of before. When I asked her why, she explained […]

Extreme Mercy

Tonight in my Bible class, we discussed theĀ “Antithesis” as given by Jesus Christ in Matthew 5:17-48. He challenges us to not only follow the 10 Commandments given to Moses, but to take them a step further. We should share everything we have with those who are in need. We should keep our thoughts clean and […]

Consolers in the Waiting Room

I took my dad to the hospital for a routine procedure today and had a long wait while he was being tended to. At first, the small waiting room was packed. There was one woman who seemed to be having a particularly difficult time. She was brought in a wheelchair by an attendant who made […]