Unique Individuals

Today I stopped by the hearing aid place to get some supplies for my parents. Sitting in front of me was a slim, older white man. He wore a pink baseball cap and socks with his sandals. He had a leather bag slung over one shoulder and was carrying a maroon velvet drawstring bag with […]

Spa Day Two

The past 2 days have been full of relaxation and conversation. It felt amazing to be pampered. And I enjoyed chatting with many different people. Yesterday, the young woman who did my nails and I found quite a lot of interesting things to talk about. She told me that she had recently become certified to […]

Unexpected Joyful Soul

It was trash pick-up time when I went for a walk in the neighborhood today. The trash truck was stopped about half a block from me as I turned a corner. As I got closer, I saw one of the workers sweeping up some debris from the road. I have never seen that before. He […]

Caring Dad

My sister came over today so I took the opportunity to make a Target run and stock up. Every time I go into a store I look through the bras to see if there is one that will work for my mom. It’s hard for her especially since the straps go right over her pacemaker. […]

Mysterious Piano Player

Today I came across a very touching video about a mysterious piano player. A young man who lived in an apartment suddenly started hearing a new neighbor play the piano. They corresponded by notes a couple of times. The young man got out his keyboard and starting playing as well. Through their note writing, they […]

The Drone Operator

We took advantage of the mild weather today and got out of the house. We took a drive to a park in the middle of the city that was one of our favorite places for many years. The winding road took us to the top of the bluffs overlooking the city. Once there, we parked […]

Interesting In Common

I drove the Blazer to pick up my groceries today since the side roads were pretty icy. I recognized the gentleman who brought my order out to the car. He seemed to recognize me as well as he greeted me and started loading the back of the vehicle. He saw the “I’d rather be at […]

Generous Friend, Grateful Stranger

I was so happy to visit with a friend today. She told me a story of a man who showed up on her doorstep one afternoon. He looked haggard and worn. He said he had noticed all the leaves in her front yard and offered to clean them up. The man said that his hours […]

Yes He Cares

When I was out and about today, I passed a large wooden fence that faced the street. It had words written in different colors of chalk that read, “Yes, He Cares.” My heart welled up. Message received. I Found God today in a simple, profound message.

Unexpected Compliment

Before I went out and about today, I decided to put on a little eyeliner and fix my hair up nice. I have several face masks that my friend has made and always like to wear things that match. Today it was the fall leaves look with my orange long sleeve t-shirt. I thought it […]