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Two Near Misses

Today my mom and I left the house for an appointment. We were on the busy street by the house and heading towards a traffic light that was green. Right before we entered the intersection, a van blew the red light from the crossroad and went straight across in front of us. That scared us […]

Low Key

Today was Memorial Day. My mom and I hung out at home and had a faux barbeque with ham, coleslaw, and watermelon. We talked about Memorial Day and being grateful for the men and women who gave their lives defending our country and our freedom. My dad was always very low-key about being a meteorologist […]

Powerful Messages

After what seemed to be a really long day yesterday, we were grateful that my mom slept very well and long last night. She was feeling better today and even got dressed for church. But it would not have been a good idea to go, so we went downstairs and watched a local Mass on […]

Made It

Some days I am just grateful to make it through the day without having to go to the hospital. Today was one of those days. My mom hadn’t been feeling well since Wednesday. She had a bit of a sore throat that got much worse and then developed a cough. I had her take the […]

Look To Jesus

Today my sister told me that she had misplaced her keys. She looked everywhere and couldn’t find them. When she was just about at her wits end, she remembered something she had read earlier – Look to Jesus. She did. The next place she looked, she found the keys. I Found God today helping when […]

Turn in the Nest

We have been entertained by watching the red-tailed hawks that have built a nest in one of the large pine trees in the yard. They get a little louder and more vocal every day. I know the couple takes turns sitting in the nest and flying around. Sometimes they are hunting and bring back tidbits […]

New Meaning to Sign of the Cross

Today a friend shared with me what she thinks about when she makes the sign of the cross to pray. When she marks her forehead and then her heart, she thinks about how God came down to us as Jesus. Then, when she marks each shoulder, she remembers that we are then sent out to […]

Beautiful Hope

I received some mail today from my thoughtful cousin. The package included an issue of Strength & Grace Devotional by Guideposts and a copy of Matthew Kelly’s book, “Beautiful Hope”. Matthew Kelly has a way of speaking and writing in a way that is meaningful, relevant, understandable, and simple. I opened the book and started […]

Last Bible Class

I signed up for my Biblical School class 4 years ago, not really knowing if I would even be able to complete the first year. After 4 years, tonight was my last class. I learned so much and my faith grew as I feel closer to God than when I started. Honestly, part of the […]

Visions of Children

Today was First Communion at Mass. The priest spoke of the innocence of children. He said the children at their age are still open and connected to the spiritual realm. He suggested that when babies and infants smile in their sleep, they are seeing angels. He also said that when the children want to tell […]