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Turn in the Nest

We have been entertained by watching the red-tailed hawks that have built a nest in one of the large pine trees in the yard. They get a little louder and more vocal every day. I know the couple takes turns sitting in the nest and flying around. Sometimes they are hunting and bring back tidbits for their mate. Sometimes they bring a coveted stick back to reinforce the nest. Typically, when the one in the next starts squawking, the other one will show up in a few minutes. When mom and I were sitting on the porch today enjoying the beautiful weather after the big snowstorm, the hawk in the nest started it’s cry. It would make a couple short screeches, then be silent for a few moments, then screech again. The wails got louder and longer until finally the mate showed up and landed on the house across the street. The bird in the nest flew out immediately and seemed to reprimand the one on the house as they had a little tussle. Within seconds they had traded places. The hawk that was in the nest was now on the house and appeared to be pretty happy about that. It preened for a little bit, stretched it’s wings, pooped, and flew off. It made a couple big wide turns back and forth as if to make sure it still knew how to fly. Things were quiet then again for a while. We love watching them and making up stories. We hope the eggs are viable and will hatch soon. Although I understand it could get even noisier. That’s OK.

I Found God today enjoy His creation.

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