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Attentive Sales Rep

The old dishwasher at the cabin finally gave up a couple of weeks ago. Today my mom and I decided to buy a new one. We had already done some research thanks to the Consumer Report and input from my brother who is spending the summer at the cabin. When we got to the appliance […]

Move Over

My mom and I talked to my sister tonight. She worked hard to get her place sold and everything taken care of. The last few days before the closing were a crazy whirlwind. After my son and I helped her, she said she would be able to take care of the rest, so we left. […]

Meaningful Old School

Today I went to a BBQ with the Fostering Hope program. The event was held at the Catholic school that I attended when I was in first grade. I have driven by it a couple of times but this is the first time I had actually been back on the grounds. As I looked around, […]

Playing a Duet

My mom’s friend came over today as usual to visit, play the piano, and have lunch. My mom and I surprised her, my dad, and brother by playing a duet that we had been practicing over the past few days while my dad and brother were out of town. I haven’t actually played a piece […]

Starting the Job

My son started his new job today. He purposefully took some time before he began so he could get set up in his apartment and have a little down time. He came over for dinner and told us all about his first day. I don’t think I am yet used to the idea that he […]

Singing Hymns

My mom and I went to church this morning and sat in our “usual spot”. Typically my mom sits on the end so it is easy for the Eucharistic Ministers who deliver communion to those who have a difficult time going down the main aisle. Next to my mom would be my dad, then me […]

LaLa Land

My dad and brother went up to the cabin for a few days, so my mom and I have stuck around home. Today my son came over to just hang out for the day. We all went out for pizza for lunch. Then we played a couple of games of Yahtzee – one of our […]

Listened to Her Heart

Tonight my mom and I watched a story on the news about a father who lost his 20 year old daughter in a tragic accident. Her organs were donated and were able to save 4 lives. The father started a bike trek across the country to raise awareness of the importance of organ donation. On […]

Baby Birds

I went out for a walk early this morning and when I came back to the front door, a bird flew out of the nest as they always do. I realized it had been a couple of days since I had my selfie stick out to take a peek at the progress of the eggs. […]

Thesis Dedication

My son dropped by this morning and delivered a copy of his Masters Thesis to my dad. As my dad looked through the first few pages, he came across the dedication. My son dedicated his work to my dad because of his support and for being the person who got him interested in science at […]