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Returned Lost Rosary

A while ago, I decided I wanted some kind of hobby. I don’t really have a lot of free time, but I wanted to do something creative and easy that I could spend a little time on or a lot. I remembered a friend of mine that I would see waiting in church tying knots […]

Similar Photos

Today my daughter-in-law’s sister shared a picture of my older grandson lying down with his little sister. It was very cute. A while into the day, I realized that I have a picture of my 2 sons that is very similar taken about 23 years ago. At that time they were also very close to […]

Song in my Head

As I’m sitting here trying to decide what to blog about, I find myself humming a tune – “Don’t worry. . . be happy”. In one of the scripture readings at church today, Jesus talked about how God is always with us and always watching out for us. We don’t need to worry about what we […]

Ready For the Navy

My nephew was sworn into the Navy a few months ago, and has been working hard at getting ready for his departure ever since. He is scheduled to ship out this week, so today we had a family get together. Yesterday, my mom and I went to the party store to see if we could […]

Good Test Review

We received a call from my dad’s cardiologist office today. The doctor already reviewed the stress test from yesterday and wanted to let my dad know that everything looked fine. They will review the details at his next appointment in a couple of weeks, and didn’t want my dad to worry. That was great news and […]

Coincidences Help the Day

I took my dad down to the hospital today for a stress test. The cardiologist just wanted to check things out. My mom hasn’t been feeling well, so instead of waiting with my dad, I dropped him off and went back home for the couple of hours it took to do the test. It snowed […]

Great Treasure

Today I read a reflection that said, “You’re ability to pray is a greater treasure than all the riches in the world.” Gary Zimak taken from Stop Worrying and Start Living. I thought about how true this statement is. No matter what is going on in my day, I can pray and connect with God. I […]

The 9th Language

My mom’s friend came over today and we all got caught up on the happenings of the past week. I told her about the Fostering Hope dinner I was involved with over the weekend. Several youth and the adult team (including me) made pizza dinner and cookie pizzas for dessert. Most of the time, we […]

A Flourishing Priest

When I was working at a church, I met many priests and several seminarians who were working their way to becoming a priest. A few years ago, one particular seminarian became a priest and much of the staff went to his ordination. I visited him a few times at the church where he was the […]

Loving One Another

Today at church, the deacon told a beautiful story that went along with the scripture readings, particularly “… love your neighbor as yourself”. He said when he was little, his father would occasionally come home from work with a little toy for him. The family owned a shoe store and sometimes he would go to work […]