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Words From Our Heart

At Mass this morning, the homily focused on the words, “for from the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks.” The priest talked about how our words show what is truly in our heart. He verified our human condition and our need for real relationships. This can only happen when people speak truth to one […]

Summer Camp Memories

My mom receives “the Word among us” magazine that includes daily Mass readings and reflections. Tonight I read one of the articles that she pointed out to me. It was written by a young man who was deeply impacted by his experience at a Catholic summer camp. He eventually became involved in the organization as […]

Sam’s Club Outing

Since this crazy below zero cold snap, my mom and I have been stuck in the house alone for 4 days. Even though it was still below freezing today, we decided we needed to get out. I just recently joined Sam’s Club and had been wanting to do some product and price comparisons, so that’s […]

So Blessed

Today I talked with a friend whose father passed away a year ago. We shared stories, experiences, and emotions. As I thought about our conversation, I realized how many friends I have that have lost a parent just in the last year. It’s a lot. I mean there seems to be a lot of people […]

Many Voices

Today I was blessed to speak with several friends and text with others. I even joined up with my prayer group who I had not seen for months. It did my soul well to touch base with people, to talk, to be heard, to listen, to pray, to connect. I am very grateful. I Found […]

Taking It Easy

I had a very hard time getting up this morning, even though I went to bed on time and think I slept ok. It was below freezing outside all day long, so we didn’t have anywhere to go and that was fine with me. I barely got dressed and did a little exercising with my […]

Setting My Mind Aright

I have been replaying the events of the last few weeks over and over in my head. I wonder if I could have and/or should have done something different to affect the outcome. I try to remember that I did the best I could and that God is God and I am not. Today I […]

Getting Out

There was a get together for the residents in the housing complex today and I was pleasantly surprised that my mom wanted to go. It was a good walk to the other end where the party was being held. We had not met the people who were hosting the party and the husband was very […]

Stress Relief

My sister came for the weekend, so I made an appointment to get a massage at the prompting of the family. I talked to the guy a little bit and told him I felt like my whole body was a big ball of tension. After only a few minutes, the massage felt so good I […]

Jesus Help Me

My mom and I came across a prayer card that seemed to be just what we needed, so we decided to make it out evening prayer: Jesus help me, your servant whom you have redeemed by yourPrecious Blood.In every need let me come to you with humble trust sayingJesus help meIn all my doubts, perplexities […]