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Good Shepherd Statue

I have been trying to clean out some boxes that I haven’t even touched in the 4 years that I moved. Most of it is memorabilia and things I want to keep, but just don’t have the room to display. Today I came across a gift that I had forgotten about from the priest I […]

A Trip Thoroughly Enjoyed

I made it home last night after a long day. I hugged and kissed my son, daughter in law, and grandchildren – several times – before they left for the day. When I headed to┬áthe airport, it was pouring rain. I questioned if my first flight would be delayed, but it took off on time. […]

Growing Grandchildren

Today my grandkids and I had a lazy day. We hung out, played games, and cooked. I loved spending this time with them and seeing how much they have grown since I last saw them. My almost 3 Year old granddaughter is so funny, smart, and has a large vocabulary. But sometimes it was difficult […]

Whirlwind Trip

It has been a whirlwind the last couple of days as I continued to travel. The day after the wedding, I had breakfast with the bride’s parents. After a few minutes, the bride and her new husband came in. It was unexpected and joyful. Then, the bride’s dad and some of his friends had the […]

The Beautiful Wedding

Today was the big wedding. I arrived at the church early and a friend of mine showed me what to do to be a Eucharistic Minister for the celebration. When we finished, we looked for the tabernacle, which wasn’t apparently visible. We walked to the red lighted candle and found the huge gold tabernacle held […]

Saved at the Airport

I started off on a trip today to a wedding for a young woman I have known for years -since she was in high school youth ministry. I felt honored to be invited and even more so as she asked if I would be a Eucharistic minister for the celebration. My plane was scheduled to […]

Me Be A Doggie

As my dad goes through his photography from years back, my mom and he talk about their memories. Today my mom told a story told to her by my dad’s aunt. One day she caught her toddler son outside “watering the bushes”. When the mom asked what he was doing, he responded, “Me be a […]

Perseverance Paying Off

Tonight I had dinner with friends and talked with a woman who has been on a diet since January. She has already lost over 50 pounds. She decided to change her habits and immediately stopped eating sugar of any kind. The foods and times she eats are very specific, but she is doing a great […]

Job Well Done

As my dad was working on his genealogy, he got into boxes and piles of his old photos. Photography has always been a hobby of his, but sometimes it was more. He decided to organize some into binders. He put together all the pictures he took while he was in college that were published in […]

Parkinson’s Victories

While my mom was at her exercise class today, I went walking with 2 other caregivers whose husbands have Parkinson’s. As we walk, we talk about the disease and how it affects our loved ones and ourselves, among other things. Today we shared some of the victories we had over the weekend. One story in […]