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A Trip Thoroughly Enjoyed

I made it home last night after a long day. I hugged and kissed my son, daughter in law, and grandchildren – several times – before they left for the day. When I headed to the airport, it was pouring rain. I questioned if my first flight would be delayed, but it took off on time. I slept for the entire duration. The second flight also took off on time. There were a couple of times of severe turbulence as we approached the incredibly hot and dry western city. My arms actually flew up in air at one point and you could hear a collective gasp – with one or two screams mixed in. All ended well, though, with a fast, rocky landing. Somehow, I wasn’t afraid, or even nervous. I figured, there was nothing I could do and if it was time for this plane to crash, it would. I did, however, say some “Hail Marys” and “Our Fathers” – my go to prayers. On my drive home, the sky was turbulent, colorful in the sunset, and ominous. At one point I saw what looked like a giant dust devil coming my direction. I held on tight to the steering wheel as the huge dust storm roared across the road, carrying debris of all kinds. Again, I wasn’t terrified – just held on for whatever was about to come. I thought about my trip as I finished my drive. For the first few days, I didn’t have to take care of anyone – not even myself as others were happy to shuttle me around and make sure I was all set. It was great. With my family, I enjoyed treating them as much as I could while going along with their schedule. No big decisions to make. And when I visited with my friends all in one day, it didn’t even feel hectic. For the whole trip, I was able to be present in the moment, enjoying each person and event for what it was. I wasn’t even worrying about what was going on at home. My sister knew what to do for my parents, and I knew she would contact me with any huge problems – which there were none. I sent them photos and texts along the way. When I arrived at the house, I gave a quick synopsis and showed them some additional pictures before we all turned in for the night. I thanked God repeatedly during the trip and as I drifted off to sleep. I was so grateful for the time, the relaxation, the excitement, the celebrations, the ability to be peaceful and joyful, and mostly for the relationships that He has provided me.

I Found God today recounting the awesome vacation I was able to thoroughly enjoy.

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