Zoo Day

Today was the last day the zoo was offering half price admission for military families. We talked about going all week. My dad had projects to work on at home, but my mom was excited to go and had good energy. So, I made lunch for my dad, and packed a lunch for my mom […]

Found Flag Football

I went for a good long walk today that took me through the nearby park. During the week, the place is pretty uninhabited except for an occasional adult with children on the playground. As I neared the park, I saw that the parking lot was completely full and vehicles were parked along the busy street […]

Paint on the Plane

I read a story today about young girl who was travelling by airplane as an unaccompanied minor. The storyteller was sitting across the aisle from the little girl who everyone avoided at all costs. Eventually, a young couple sat by her for the duration of the flight. Instead of being impatient or ignoring the girl, […]

Annual State Fair

My sister, her husband, and I made our annual visit to the state fair today. In the past, we had gone the last weekend of the fair, but this time we went the first weekend. It was a quite different experience. We watched some of the 4H youth show their cows. After one boy brought […]

Growing Granddaughter

My granddaughter turned 4 years old today. My parents, brother, and I got on video chat and sang “Happy Birthday” to her. She wasn’t as chatty as usual. I guess she was tuckered out from her big party yesterday. But my mom noticed that suddenly, she had changed. She was now a little girl ready […]

Super Patient Boy

My mom has been struggling to recover from diverticulitis and is still tired and weak. Today, she felt her heart rate was very low. I checked it and even though she has a pacemaker, it was very erratic. Needless to say, we ended up spending the afternoon in the Emergency Room. All the testing came […]

Angel of the Intersection

There was a big rainstorm here this afternoon and I got a notice that a certain intersection was flooded. My dad said he remembered that my mom had some incidents in that same intersection. Many, many years ago, my mom had all 5 of us kids in the car and had gone to the grocery […]