Amen to That

This morning in church, a couple sat in front of us with a baby and a little boy about 3 years old. At the beginning of Mass, the woman identified herself as the grandmother. She seemed in charge of the little boy while the man held and rocked the baby. The child was very interested […]


My parents celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary today. They said several times that they couldn’t believe how much time has gone by and that they are still here to celebrate. It just happened to also be Good Friday. The weather outside was just about perfect, so we decided to pack a picnic lunch and head […]

Praying Like an Angel

Today in church, a woman whom I had met before and her young son came and sat at the end of our row. After I received Communion, I headed back to my seat. The woman was behind me, but her son had already made his way back into the row. He was kneeling with his […]

Defying Gravity

I was happy to make it to the Stations of the Cross at the church tonight. It was led by the children’s choir made up of youth from Kindergarten to high school age. They were very well spoken as they described the stations and the short song for each one was lovely. A commentary that […]

Great Giggles

I was able to see my far away family via computer today. Everyone was doing very silly things and entertained me and my mom. My 3 year old granddaughter was being very mischievous. She was purposefully being disobedient over and over again as my son did his best to keep her from getting into things. […]

Celestial Memories

In my water aerobics class this morning, we talked about our earliest memory of celestial events. I remember when the first astronauts landed on the moon. That night, I looked up at the moon and thought, “There are people there!” It was an awesome realization. I told my parents about the conversation and my mom […]

Good Neighbors

In my aqua aerobics class, we have a topic for discussion on Wednesdays. Today’s topic was good neighbors. I shared my story of the wonderful neighborhood we lived in when my oldest son was a child. There were 4 houses that were all very good friends. The kids played together and the adults socialized together. […]