Fireman, Farmer, and Priest

Today, we listened to the homily of our favorite priest. He always has a way of sharing his humanity while leading through the explanation of the Scriptures. Today he told about when he was a child and role played, as all children do. He would pretend he was a fireman and load up his wagon […]

All Wound Up

This afternoon on family Zoom, my granddaughter was all wound up. She logged in on her own laptop that she uses for her Kindergarten classes. First she was lying down and said she was dancing. We encouraged her to stand up and dance. She obliged and I danced along as we went through several different […]

Spa Day Two

The past 2 days have been full of relaxation and conversation. It felt amazing to be pampered. And I enjoyed chatting with many different people. Yesterday, the young woman who did my nails and I found quite a lot of interesting things to talk about. She told me that she had recently become certified to […]

Our Unsung Hero

There was a Memorial Service today for the fallen Officer Eric Talley. I don’t mean to dwell upon it, but the words said about this man and his life are so inspirational. During this service, the priest from his local church spoke. Reverend Daniel Nolan, FSSP, of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church was quoted […]

Virtual Ice Cream

During our family Zoom time, we usually discuss the weather since everyone is scattered around the country. Today we were experiencing rain/snow here, my travelling brother just left his campsite in Death Valley where the temperatures were in the high 80’s, and my son on the East coast was in the 70’s, which is unusual. […]

In the Midst of Joy

A friend asked if I wanted to walk with her on this beautiful day. She was very flexible and was ready when it was a good time for me to get out for a bit. We walked down to a local park that was filled with kids – about middle school aged. We found out […]

Wind Warrior

It was pretty windy outside today as the weather is changing. My parents and I did make it out for short walk. It was nice to feel the sun and warmish air. I figured it was good to awaken our senses. I don’t particularly like wind and remembered a time when I was a child […]

Run and Hug

When I went for a walk today, I saw a mom, dad, and little boy walking in the complex. An older woman with a little girl came around the bend in front of them. One of the children yelled, “I see you!” and they started running towards one another. When they met, there were hugs […]

When He Was Nothing

I love getting surprise mail from friends. Today I received a letter from a friend who shared with me her experiences with the books from The Chronicles of Narnia since she read that we had recently watched the movie. She told me about a child who she read the book out loud to. After getting […]

Water Buffalo Song

We finished another puzzle today. It was a beautiful illustration of wild animals all huddled together with slight expressions of smiles on their faces. One of the animals was a water buffalo. When my son was child, he and my nephew used to love watching VeggieTales. I liked them too because they had a Christian […]