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Overdue Swing

A friend of mine who was adopted as an infant found and was reunited with his biological mother last year. It was such an emotional story. This year, she came to visit him and he shared many of the pictures. One of them was of him on an oversized swing with his mother standing behind. […]

Not a Salesman

Today my mom and I stopped by the store after her exercise class. She was pretty tired and didn’t want to walk around too much, but there were a couple of things we needed to pick up. While we were there, we looked at the appliances to make smoothies. My mom has had a blender […]

Blessings Reminder

At church today there was a visiting priest from a mission called Cross Catholic Outreach.¬†He talked about the plight of many different people in many different parts of the world and how the ministry helps them. His plea for support went right along with the Gospel of the day, which was the story of the […]

Generous Friend

My dad has been having a particular problem with a patch of siding that needs to be replaced at the cabin and has not been sure how to go about it. Today a friend who built his own log cabin came over and took a look at it. Not only did he have an idea […]

Bountiful Birds

When we get to the cabin, we always fill up the bird feeders and put them out right away. But the last couple of times, we haven’t had any birds come visit. We have really missed them and wondered why they haven’t been around. Yesterday evening, though, we saw a flock of wild turkeys¬† – […]

Great Unplanned Timing

We made a trip to the cabin today, watching the weather as thunderstorms were developing. We caught just the edge of a storm before we stopped for lunch and saw that it had already passed through. We were pretty happy about that, as it looked like a pretty bad one and we were in the […]

Impressive Dentist

Like many people, I have a great deal of anxiety going to the dentist. Like all the joints in my body, my mouth is small, doesn’t move well, and my teeth are terribly crooked. I have always attributed that with the juvenile rheumatoid arthritis that I had. At my appointment today, I met a new […]

Short One Hand

My mom has been having trouble recently with arthritis in her thumb. It hurts to put any kind of pressure on it and she has not played the piano in a couple of weeks. Yesterday she decided that she would just play with the right hand, so she practiced a duet that her and her […]

Young Love

My dad had a dermatology appointment today. He remembered that when he was a young adult, he had terrible acne. It was treated with radiation or x-rays for quite a while, but unfortunately, it didn’t help. My dad said it eventually went away on it’s own. But, it didn’t seem to bother my mom. She […]

Great Relationships

Recently, I have been placing more intention into my relationships. That may mean reaching out more, opening up myself to new friends, trying to be a better ME, or simply pondering and being grateful for the people in my life. My reflection today from Dynamic Catholic was from Matthew Kelly, “Great relationships magnify the good […]