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Bountiful Birds

When we get to the cabin, we always fill up the bird feeders and put them out right away. But the last couple of times, we haven’t had any birds come visit. We have really missed them and wondered why they haven’t been around. Yesterday evening, though, we saw a flock of wild turkeys  – 3 adults and about 10 chicks – parade through the area and right up the driveway. My mom wondered if they would return today, and sure enough at just about the same time, they showed up. Each time, when we have gone outside to watch them, the largest of the group comes over to us rather quickly. I don’t know if he/she is asking for food, or is trying to intimidate us. Either way, it has been entertaining. My mom made up some hummingbird food so we were able to fill those feeders and put them out today too. There were several hummingbirds coming and going from the feeders most of the day. Then suddenly this evening, we heard a lot of commotion at the seed feeders. They were full of birds, at least 4 different species. There was even a mother grosbeak and her baby who was getting a double meal – one from the seeds on the deck rail, and one from mama. I really enjoyed watching all the different birds that visited today.

I Found God today enjoying watching the wild birds.

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