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Cemetery and Visitation

Today my mother and I made a trip out to the cemetery after her haircut. It was a beautiful day and we had not been able to get out there for Memorial Day. We were greeted by many large flags on poles at the entrance that weren’t there before. We drove around to the place […]

Staying Connected

I saw a quote today from TobyMac that I thought was a beautiful reminder of how important it is to remain connected to God: “When Job had everything, he prayed. When he had nothing, he still prayed. Prayer isn’t about your circumstance. It is about who God is.” I Found God in a reminder of […]

Back Home

Today my son and I picked up my other son and his family from the airport. We needed 2 cars to fit everyone. The drive to the airport was not bad as it was nice and early. There were more people on the highway on the way back, but traffic was still moving so it […]

Blessed Friendship

Today I was so fortunate to visit with some friends from out of state. I met the woman through our church and youth ministry. Her husband was raised here, so we were able to reminisce about what the town was like many years ago. We shared challenges of caring for parents and we shared joys […]

Take the Day

I chatted with a neighbor today whose mother had recently died. We exchanged sorrows for a while, then moved to grateful that the sun was shining. He said we should, “Take the day for what it offers.” I liked that thought. It’s a reminder that each day is full of unforseen possibilities. I may have […]


After working in the Florida Everglades for the winter, my brother was happy to be finished. While he was there, he pretty much wore out his little camping trailer. Constant heat and humidity left it in pretty poor shape. Before he left Florida, he purchased a new one. After he picked it up and tested […]


Since my son has been away for the funeral, his roommate and girlfriend have been taking turns caring for his dog. Today was our turn. My son’s girlfriend dropped off the dog bright and early this morning. She followed me all over and was clearly confused as to what was happening. Then I had a […]


A couple of days ago, my friend’s mom completed her cancer treatments. My friend shared a video of her ringing the bell. It was too cute. Today, I met with my prayer group. One of the men found out that he had cancer several months ago. He declined treatment as the doctors couldn’t promise him […]

Trust In

Today I was happy to go for a walk at the park. This park had a couple of playgrounds for children and a large astroturf field. As I walked past one playground, a man was encouraging a toddler to climb on the structure, taking him through it step by step. The child accomplished the task […]

More Missions

Our friends returned from yet another mission trip and stopped by today. This time they visited Turkey and Albania. They had stories to tell like always. But what fascinated me the most was the biblical history of the place. They met a man in Turkey who gave tours of the area including cities such as […]